Friday, June 5, 2009

HI, this is Kristinn! I've been in London a week now and it's been pretty great; not only London itself, but Olga's house is one of the nicest sharehouses I've been to in a long time. Everyone is nice and party times have been had. Look at this Karaoke diptych:

See? Fun times.

Oh yeah but London is pretty sweet too. I am blown away by the effectiveness of the tube as a mass transit system. And the British Museum; I mean, I guess it is just a testament to the way the British Empire at its peak felt it could take whatever it wanted from anywhere, but after wandering around for a little while you can see just how jawdroppingly diverse is the handicraft of humans widely dispersed across time and distance. Aztec lintels, Chinese jade artefacts, Hindu shrines, Inuit kayaks.

Humans are slightly awesome.

Anyway, I'd best wrap this up. We're going to see Dan Deacon tonight, I've heard that his live show is nothing short of trancendenant. Off to Iceland Tuesday, It'll be sad to leave here but at least equally terrific to be in Iceland. Cheerio!


Northern musings said...

London is the best.. the British Museum a place that needs to be visited and re-visited and visited again. Love it. and yes Olga and Ross's flat mates are super nice. Had a great time there myself and intend to do so again some day - if they will have me back.

Maja said...

JOy! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy and we'll see you guys in 2 weeks. Lots of love to all of you can't wait for the super hugs. mum