Sunday, June 21, 2009

Everybody look at me, cause I'm sailing on a boat...

We just got back from France, and it was completely amazingly fun.. I am going to have to sit down and write this stuff out... I kept a little tour diary, so I'll probably just type it out sometime. Until then, here are some photos chosen for no other reason than I liked them. Ooh, and it turns out they're all a little bit blue. Isn't that nice?

We caught the ferry over from Dover to Calais, it was beautiful. Much more beautiful than the tunnel, I imagine.

Still sea themed - we played on a boat in Lyon. I had a song about being on a boat stuck in my head aaaallll night.
So yeah, it's called Sonic, and heaps of cool bands have played there. Any time another boat went past, the boat would rock a little bit, and it was really noticeable on stage. I forgot where we were at one point, and when I started swaying I thought I was about to pass out, until I remembered. Weird.

I can't imagine this being allowed anywhere else - I think health and safety laws in Australia would probably spoil the fun. But if you know anyone who wants to start a venue on the Swan river, tell them I will totally be there. And I will bring friends.

So when you tour in France, the promoters always seem to organise accommodation for you, and in our case, we stayed at their houses. As our host in Paris put it,
"Please, make yourselves comfortable. Zis is your home away from home. And zis is your cat away from your cat." Her name is ciboulette, and that eye colour is not exaggerated.

That'll be it for now, but I'll continue to fill you in haphazardly as I have the time. It'll be great.


KH said...

All very excellent! Can't wait to see you and company.

PS blue discolouration is probably due to the camera picking the wrong white balance setting for the scene. Usually the auto white balance setting should be pretty ok, but you can also set it manually for the appropriate light source - it'll have settings like 'daylight', 'cloud', 'tungsten', 'fluorescent', 'shade', and sometimes some wacky stuff no one ever uses like 'aquarium'.

Oh, and I think that canon imaging program thingy on your computer has some kind of colour balancing tool, though from memory it's a bit clumsy. You can maybe de-bluen things with that if you mess around a little! Anyway good shots nonetheless.

olga said...

Hey yeah, I'm sure I've seen that function on the white balance, but I'm not in the habit of using it.

There's a manual white balance as well, but I mostly use it for weirding all the colours by setting white as green or something.

Yay! Can't wait to see you either!

Maja said...

wow the cats eyes are amazing. Sounds like an awesome little tour you guys had. Everything is so exciting! Xox

olga said...

Yeah, Maja, everything's exciting at the moment!
From my last day at work, there's been so much going on all the time - and more to come!