Monday, May 25, 2009

Procrastinate-a-thon 2009!

Hey so it's not really an athletic event, but if it was then I would be a world champion. Or maybe just a state champion - I'm a natural, but I don't think I'd be able to dedicate my life to procrastinating... Not intentionally, anyway.

So yeah I've been meaning to post all week, but better late than never!

We played the much-talked-about (by me) show with the Drones on Thursday night, and it was really really good. We played well, the room sounded awesome, the rider was great, and the Drones were so much fun to watch. The venue is called the Luminaire, and it has all these signs up in the audience area saying "If you are here to chat, you are in the wrong place and will be asked to leave" and "Quiet please: We will tell you to shut up if you speak during the set". How neat! It'd probably be pretty annoying if you were just there for a drink with mates, but I guess that's the point.
Anyway, that show was completely rad in every way, so I'm really looking forward to the rest of our shows with the Drones. We're playing a bunch of shows around the UK (including Glasgow - heck yeah!)

Saturday we met up with a friend from Australia and had some drinks at a pub near Brick Lane called the Ten Bells. Apparently it's where Jack the Ripper used to hang out... (although by 'hang out', I mean 'murder people', which is not what I usually mean when I use the term 'hang out'). Because we were so close to Brick Lane, of course we had to go get a curry afterwards. We didn't go to our regular place though, we got sidetracked by a great offer from one of the street dudes. (free pappadums, two bottles of wine and 30% off the bill, in case you were wondering...) Had an awesome Rogan Josh, then headed home!

Sunday was the sunniest day I've seen in a long time. We went to London Fields, which is a big grassy area with a cricket pitch and playgrounds and a swimming pool. It wasn't a particularly original idea - the place was pretty packed - but it was still a lovely day. We sat in the sun and played cards and ate olives. And took weird photos. Ooh and we randomly ran into not one, but two groups of people we knew!

And today is another bank holiday! I don't know what it's for, but I do know I like it! I'm going to make pizza for dinner tonight, I just bought some prosciutto (which is called parma ham here for some reason - as an aside, Ross says that name makes him wanna hurl. Good to know. Prosciutto it is!) Um... Where was my original point? Yes, pizza with prosciutto and fresh basil and mozzarella. And anchovies on Ross' half. Can't wait!


northern musings said...

yumm - can I come to dinner????

Anonymous said...

Me too. Counting the days.
Love yous

Anonymous said...

the pizza was awesome


Maja said...

I think every grassy area in London is full of people on warm sunny days. I must admit that I was even enjoying being in the sun today after the few rainy days I got in Perth on break.

I hate going to gigs where people talk over the band. Go outside rude bastards, if youre not there to enjoy the music. Those signs are an awesome idea!