Monday, May 11, 2009


Whoa, did you guys know that two days off in a row at the end of the week are totally awesome? You should try it sometime.
So on Saturday we went to Namco Station, which is three floors of arcade games and bowling and bumper cars! It turns out I'm more excited by the idea of bumper cars than actually going on them. Also, bowling is fun but I pulled a muscle in my leg. Sad.

Ross won two games of bowling, but I won two games of pool, so it sort of evened out - except that he'd already beaten me at Scrabble earlier that day. Dang. We both lost at Dance Dance Revolution - golly gee there is a big gap in difficulty between beginner and standard. I don't remember it being that hard, but then I don't remember ever injuring myself bowling, either. I don't even think it counts as a sport.

So after we left Namco, we found ourselves right in the heart of touristy London. Big Ben appeared out of nowhere, so that was exciting.

After that we went to Brick Lane for the ever awesome curry... We haggled to get a free bottle of wine, but then felt guilty about it and had to leave a tip. Haggling is not a strong point.

Sunday we spent hanging out and doing nothing, it was the best. I made pizza for dinner with fresh mozzarella, red onion, chorizo and basil - cooking good things is really satisfying. I had the dough in the freezer from last time I tried to make bread, so it was pretty easy, too! Yay me!

We've got this little slice of sunlight that comes in through our window at this time of day, it is quite lovely. So have some more photos!

Hmm, my arms are incredibly hairy and Ross thinks it's pretty funny.

Ah, a correction from Ross: he thinks it's cute and funny.

It is pretty funny.

Wow my camera does some pretty awesome zoom. Have I posted closeups of eyeballs before? I really like them, there's so much detail in eyes that you would normally miss out on. I guess you could stare intently at people, but the detail is harder to see when they're trying to avoid eye contact.


Northern musings said...

He has such nice eyes.. as do you... you have eyes that are made for each other... to gaze in

Love the fact that you have discovered time off!! Oh and housing situation - sorted.. we have two floors of the old priests residence, (red house behind Herdís´s next to mikligardur the guesthouse) Am checking it out tomorrow and finalising the renting arrangement. So, I figure all the younguns.. will be there. Will post photos tomorrow..

Anonymous said...



Photos are also very nice. I am so excited about seeing you!

- Anna

olga said...

Uh, Anna, I think she said two. But rad, anyway - Sigga, thanks so much for sorting all that out! You're the best!

Northern musings said...

Didn´t go today - the guy that was meant to show it to me was a bit busy - will call me tomorrow or the next day to go have a look... in the meantime I can always go take shots outside - could be a reason for doggy walks

olga said...

oh man, I just realised the three floors was namco, not the priest's house... Boy do I feel sheepish.

But yes, we are totally going while you're over here, it's got something for everyone! Or everyone who's me and you, anyway...

Northern musings said...

I also wondered why Anna was so enthusiastic about the accommodation - I had slotted her with Herdís, ...
You will take me to Namco next time won´t you... even if I will most undoubtably embarass you???

Anonymous said...

we will all go to Namco! bowling, pool and a bar whats not to love.