Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cooca ma junga...

I might have to stop letting Ross name my posts... Or maybe he should always do it!

Anyway, I liked Sigga's post about all of her teachers, so I'm going to list mine. Man, I am a big fan of lists/memes. If you ever have one you don't want, pass it my way!

Year One: Mrs Fungalei. Foong-a-lie. Yep.
Year Two: Mrs Kindness. Man, East Maddington must have had a hiring policy based on awesomely weird surnames.
Year Three: Hm, I can remember their faces, but not their names. It was a tandem class, one was possibly called Miss Parker... Also, I remember we had to tell the time, and I had not grasped that concept AT ALL. Terrifying.
Year Four: I had the same teacher, Miss (possibly) Parker. For our assembly item, we sang Space Oddity and Sloop John B - I didn't understand how cool that was until years later...
Year Five: Mr White and Mrs Bullock. I changed schools to Roleystone and didn't make any friends (heck, I didn't even make an effort to make them) until a teacher came up to me at recess and said I should stop reading and join in with the other kids. I remember it being a revelation: oh yeah, why didn't I think of that? It just hadn't occurred to me before then - I was quite enjoying my babysitter's club books.
Year Six: Mrs Watson - my friend Greta's mum.
Year Seven: Mr and Mrs Huisman - Mr Huisman used to love telling stories about his childhood and experiences, so we would purposely distract him from lessons by asking leading questions. Seriously, we skipped entire maths classes in this manner. Also, they were my friend Lisa's parents. Ah, Roleystone.

High school: Varied and exciting teachers... Mr Judge was my form teacher and also my maths teacher. I was a total teacher's pet and he used to compare me and this guy Brendan (Cheese! Don't even ask...) Anyway, he said that I'd go really far in life and that Brendan would be a total failure - guess which one of us writes speeches for a member of parliament, and which one is a musician/waitress?

Oh yeah, and out of chronological order comes Miss Johnson, my clarinet teacher. I think she started teaching us in year 6, although I may be wrong... Erin, if you're reading, help me out! Anyway, she was this amazing lady, all young and excitable and enthusiastic, so it made learning fun... Ooh, and she invited us to play with the Kelmscott Senior High School band, because she taught there, too. She had to leave our school for some reason, and got replaced by a dude who wasn't anywhere near as much fun... Boo.

Mr Rickett was my English Lit. teacher in year 11 - he was awesome and inspiring. He looked like Santa, and I always saw him as jolly and awesome, although I'm pretty sure he had a loud shouty voice when he needed it. I remember him reading out 'The Jabberwocky', especially the opening verse...

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Read it out loud, right now. So good.
Also, as a side note: I tried to convince Ross to let me use the word 'gyre' in a scrabble game the other day - he didn't go for it.
Wow, another side note: Ross' nonsense title may seem silly, but it's actually part of an historic literary tradition of making up words. He is pretty cool.

Okay, so after that was my year 12 English Lit. teacher, Mr Bousfield, who gave me a low(ish) mark on my first essay. I hated him at first, but I finally realised he just wanted his class to think and excel, and he taught me heaps about English, literature and also striving to be better at things...

Aw, just getting a little bit sentimental... I hadn't really thought about it before, but teachers can be such a huge influence during your formative years, so I'm glad I had some really awesome ones...


Anonymous said...

Hi, Loved your blog. You and Ross got Rudd's stimulus package, $900 each I think. Spend it wisely! Love Mum

Northern musings said...

Brilliant - Thanks Mr Rudd... what a hero. As for your post - love it - It is amazing how the memories come flooding back and yeh, teachers are awesome... Remember that too sister dear - you are fondly remembered by hundreds if not thousands of kids that you have taught!

Anonymous said...

I just did a search on google for Mr Rickett, as he was always my favourite teacher, and your blog came up. Funny how things like that happen. Glad you are enjoying life Olga- you were always really nice back in high school! -Sara