Thursday, April 30, 2009

Whoa, what a good day!

Okay, so today was so awesome! Let me count the ways...

I got to finish work at 11.30am because there was only one studio booked! And before I left, I got to see the boss man's giant, ugly and charming bulldog. His name is Arnie, and he is totally rad. Just really friendly and goofy looking.

So then I got to come home early and hang out with Ross all day! (hey, did you know that that is one of my favourite things to do? Well, now you know.)
We went and had pides for lunch from the Turkish place down the road - good good food.

While we were there, Jade phoned me and said that she and Bridget have booked their tickets to Iceland for the wedding! I wasn't sure if they were going to be able to come, but I'm so glad they are! We are going to party all night. And part of every day.

Ross and I went to a jewellery store to see about getting wedding rings sorted... And they can do it! They should be resized by next week sometime, and it's way cheaper than expected.

We looked in a couple of the op-shops on the high street and bought so many good things. At the Crest, they have 4 videos for a pound, so Ross got three Jim Carrey movies and one about Herbie Hancock. Oh yeah. Then I got Taboo from the YMCA store for 79 pence! Sigga, we must play again sometime... Maybe I'll bring it to Iceland, we've got a couple of solid weeks of board games before the wedding!
What else? I bought some jeans from Topshop, Ross bought some plimsolls and we went to the library. I changed my name at the bank, which turned out to be way more straightforward than I thought. Gosh, certified papers sure make life easier - thanks mum!

Now we're at home watching Ace Ventura and eating gummi bears... Well, we were eating gummy bears, now Ross has decided to give them up due to toothache. So yeah, it was a really productive day.
Also, macaque is a really good word.
That is all.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Let Sigga know when everyone is arriving in Iceland. It's great about Brigit and Jade. Hope they bring their cameras!!!Great about the rings!!! Love you guys lots and lots. Mum

northern musings said...

Have now got a diary thing happening with dates of arrival and possible sleeping arrangements... Great that life is good.. I like life being good...