Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whoa, two in one day!

So I wrote that other thing last week, but didn't post it - I think I was going to revise it or make it more coherent or something. Then I realised that I believe coherence is overrated, and I am the boss of this blog. So there.

Hmm, what kind of stuff did I want to write about? Work is okay, I'm pretty tired at the moment though. I think it's at least partly due to DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. Last week I was pleased that I could see the days getting lighter and lighter - I saw the sun come up on my way to work! But on Sunday we changed to summer time, so I'm getting up in the dark again. Boo.
Oh well, at least summer is on its way. Today was lovely and sunny in the afternoon, so I had a very pleasant walk home. Actually, there's this great tree that I get to walk past on my way to and from work. It is a highpoint of my day - I will definitely take a photo, it can be the highpoint of your day, too. (Is it a sad statement about London life that trees are so exciting to me? Maybe not, it is a pretty fantastic looking tree.)

I had a pretty funny conversation with my boss yesterday.
Him: I could eat this creme caramel 'til the cows come home! Literally!
Me: You have cows?
Him: No, silly, it's just a metaphor.
Um. But. The word 'literally' makes it not a metaphor. That's what that word does.
I didn't say it to him because I didn't want to sound like a smartass... But now I'm writing about it in my blog, which probably makes me even more of a smartass. A smug smartass. A smelly smug smartass?

Anyway. You know what else is awesome? Rats in a dollhouse. Or maybe that's not always awesome, like if you were nine and you had a dollhouse for your dolls and then all of a sudden there were some feral rats in there eating your Barbie's head and making nests from her hair to lay their little feral rat babies in. That wouldn't be very cool.

This guy is rad, though.

Yep. Cute.


Maja said...

Aw! He's washing his hands, that's so adorable.

I thought your last post was perfect, what revision could it possibly need?

haha regarding the literally thing. I think you would have sounded witty :)

northern musings said...

or - asked him if it is not his cows coming home then whose cows are literally coming home as you eat this creme caramel.....
I understand that the rats have a stair problem....

olga said...

Oh no, rats with a stair problem! I think the rats and stairs are rather plump and narrow, respectively. Anna should start feeding them downstairs, they'll figure it out evenutally. Or she could install a lift...

Yeah, Maja, once I re-read it I figured there wasn't really anything else to add or subtract... I'm glad you liked my grammar joke!

Anonymous said...

smelly smug smart arse


Anna said...

They've figured out the steps. I've been feeding them downstairs, and they've been sleeping in different rooms which is actually very adorable.

I gave Rufus a carrot and then he had t try and get it up the stairs. He kept dropping it s he'd have to go back down to get it again. I'm sure if you're a person that would be frustrating, but I'm sure Rufus was all "VICTORY CARROT"