Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hi, the bad news is I haven't been all that productive lately - but I guess if you look at my blog, that's not really news, more of a simple observation...

But the good news is I got to hang out with Sigga and Maggi and Guðný, so it was definitely time well spent.

I learnt a bunch of stuff about being a host (lesson 1: feed your guests. lesson 2: make beds for them. lesson 2a: own spare sheets.) If anyone gets the opportunity, I thoroughly recommend them as house guests - plenty of good food and drink were had, and they even cleaned my washing machine. Apparently you need to do that sometimes...

So anyway, what were the highlights?

The show we played in King's Cross was pretty rad, it was no-electricity themed, so we had to somehow adapt our songs for real piano and not much else. I got to play my clarinet a bit, it was tonnes of fun! I wish I was as good as Erin, but it still sounded pretty alright. And it turns out that's the first time Sigga and them have seen us, so that was pretty funny... We definitely need to get to Iceland sometime and play there!

We finally visited Walthamstow village, which is the older, nicer and greener part of our suburb. There's an awesome old church and graveyard, plus the ancient house you can see on Sigga's blog.

What else? We went to the British Museum one day - it was totally interesting and awesome but way too big! I'll have to go back and visit properly a few more times.
Sigga and I tried to go wedding dress shopping. It was unsuccessful, partly due to my lack of shopping skills - I'm way too easily distracted... We had a nice lunch in Camden though, and I guess finding dresses that I didn't want helps to narrow down the choices...

We went to see Nick play at Koko with Eskimo Joe. That was a pretty entertaining night, Eskimo Joe are definitely good at what they do... Also, Nick is kind of muppety when he drums, it is fun to watch. We only got to chat for a little while outside the after party, but it was really awesome to catch up with him. And Sigga made him promise to visit Iceland next time he's in the area!

Sigga left on Good Friday, so we had a pretty quiet couple of days after that. On Easter Monday, however, we returned to Walthamstow Village to take part in an afternoon of karaoke and £1.50 barbecue food! It was totally rad - Danny and I did Living on a Prayer (featuring lots of over the top punching-the-air gestures), Ross and Joe did Like a Rolling Stone (lots of shouty rambling, not much singing) and our friends Sal and Lindall did Whole Lotta Love (lots of groaning oohs and ahhs, the audience LOVED them). Then we came home and smashed an Easter pinata that Lindall and Danny made... Exciting times.

So yeah, that was pretty much my week. Might try to be more prolific, might fail, might not stress about it either way.
But to tide you over til next time... I took a photo of Ross. Easter-themed.

And he bought me some roses... Aw.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging. Love you lots and lots. Mum

Northern musings said...

Not sure I appreciate the photos of me - how many extra chins do I have????? Dog is whining so not time to comment properly - you guys are WONDERFUL hosts... don´t let anyone tell you different.. Had THE best time!!!
Love you