Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Double plus good!

So the weather has been absolutely amazing these last couple of days, unfortunately I have been cooped up in the bar at my work. I was supposed to be working a six days this week, but the studio on Saturday has cancelled, so I'm free!! How exciting, I should definitely do something awesome... Might try to organise a spectacular picnic somewhere beautiful and scenic. If anyone has any suggestions for gorgeous London green-spaces, let me know!

What else? I bought Scrabble at an op-shop, it was only six pounds! I'm hoping it has the complete set of tiles, but the dude said I can bring it back if it doesn't. Now I just need to find time to make everyone play with me. Hmm, is it acceptable to take boardgames on picnics? Maybe I'll just do it, and damn the consequences!

Ooh, and the other exciting thing, which is possibly old news to everyone else, but new to me: One of my best friends from primary school is engaged! It is a totally cool thing, they are both lovely people who deserve tonnes of happiness, which they will undoubtedly find in each other. (Man I am an awkwardly wordy sentimentalist. It sounds like I'm writing a speech.)

Anyway, Melissa was the girl who bought me a jelly cup on my first day at Roleystone primary. She is rad. I am very happy for her, despite not having seen her in years. If you happen to see her around, give her a big hug from me!


Northern musings said...

Hey we are all so totally happy with life aren´t we... it's so good. Anywhoo, picnic spots, Hamstead Heath, Greenwich, Hyde Park, St James' Park, so many nice places in London, but if memory serves me right Hamstead is pretty good.
Love you!!!

Maja said...

Yay picnic!