Thursday, April 30, 2009

Whoa, what a good day!

Okay, so today was so awesome! Let me count the ways...

I got to finish work at 11.30am because there was only one studio booked! And before I left, I got to see the boss man's giant, ugly and charming bulldog. His name is Arnie, and he is totally rad. Just really friendly and goofy looking.

So then I got to come home early and hang out with Ross all day! (hey, did you know that that is one of my favourite things to do? Well, now you know.)
We went and had pides for lunch from the Turkish place down the road - good good food.

While we were there, Jade phoned me and said that she and Bridget have booked their tickets to Iceland for the wedding! I wasn't sure if they were going to be able to come, but I'm so glad they are! We are going to party all night. And part of every day.

Ross and I went to a jewellery store to see about getting wedding rings sorted... And they can do it! They should be resized by next week sometime, and it's way cheaper than expected.

We looked in a couple of the op-shops on the high street and bought so many good things. At the Crest, they have 4 videos for a pound, so Ross got three Jim Carrey movies and one about Herbie Hancock. Oh yeah. Then I got Taboo from the YMCA store for 79 pence! Sigga, we must play again sometime... Maybe I'll bring it to Iceland, we've got a couple of solid weeks of board games before the wedding!
What else? I bought some jeans from Topshop, Ross bought some plimsolls and we went to the library. I changed my name at the bank, which turned out to be way more straightforward than I thought. Gosh, certified papers sure make life easier - thanks mum!

Now we're at home watching Ace Ventura and eating gummi bears... Well, we were eating gummy bears, now Ross has decided to give them up due to toothache. So yeah, it was a really productive day.
Also, macaque is a really good word.
That is all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Went to the Borough markets today - great as usual.

Okay, so I was talking about cheese sandwiches, but once I got there I was seduced by the raclette - it's a plate of potatoes covered in melty cheese and cracked pepper, with pickled onions and gherkins on the side! Sooooooo good.

They have half-wheels of cheese under an open flame, then they scrape it onto the potatoes. Holy crap I could eat another plate of it right now.

Ross and I, weird-faced and awesome.

And dinner once we got home was wheatgerm bread, spicy chorizo, stilton cheese and dukka from the markets. Good day.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wedding talk...

Hey, so I bought a dress that may or may not be the one I wear when I get married to Ross in July.

This is it.

I am twirling, but I sort of look like I'm trying to run away. This was honestly the best photo of the ones Ross took of/for me...

Anyway, it fits all my criteria - comfortable, simple, pretty and not a meringue. Now I'm really excited about accessories! This will be the perfect opportunity to wear something feathery and sparkly on my head, because no one will be allowed to make fun of me! Ha ha! Take that, world.

I'll definitely need to fit in some 'walking in heels' practice, as somehow I've gotten to the age of 25 without figuring that one out. I have a pair that Mum got from Olga Amma just before she died... At first I tried them on and was like 'whoa, these shoes are outrageous, why would anyone wear these?' and then the next time I was still all 'haha, outrageous... But gosh, they're kind of pretty' and then the next time I loved them in all their pointy black glory. Wanna see?

Wow that was a difficult photo to take. Feet are weird.

Anyway, if I can somehow master those shoes, I'll be ready for anything come July. Also, if I master those shoes, then I get to wear them without being scared that I'll fall and die of embarrassment (or die of an actual fall-related injury).

On an unrelated note, the weather on the weekend is probably going to be horrid, so instead of a picnic, we're going to the Borough markets for cheese sandwiches. Yep, cheese sandwiches that are worth a trip to London Bridge - trust me they are amazing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Double plus good!

So the weather has been absolutely amazing these last couple of days, unfortunately I have been cooped up in the bar at my work. I was supposed to be working a six days this week, but the studio on Saturday has cancelled, so I'm free!! How exciting, I should definitely do something awesome... Might try to organise a spectacular picnic somewhere beautiful and scenic. If anyone has any suggestions for gorgeous London green-spaces, let me know!

What else? I bought Scrabble at an op-shop, it was only six pounds! I'm hoping it has the complete set of tiles, but the dude said I can bring it back if it doesn't. Now I just need to find time to make everyone play with me. Hmm, is it acceptable to take boardgames on picnics? Maybe I'll just do it, and damn the consequences!

Ooh, and the other exciting thing, which is possibly old news to everyone else, but new to me: One of my best friends from primary school is engaged! It is a totally cool thing, they are both lovely people who deserve tonnes of happiness, which they will undoubtedly find in each other. (Man I am an awkwardly wordy sentimentalist. It sounds like I'm writing a speech.)

Anyway, Melissa was the girl who bought me a jelly cup on my first day at Roleystone primary. She is rad. I am very happy for her, despite not having seen her in years. If you happen to see her around, give her a big hug from me!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Little things...

So I was thinking one of the weirdest parts about being in another country is all the little things that are different...

I always used to phrase requests as "Can I please..." (or, in the case of an obsessive East Maddington Primary School librarian "May I please..." - if you asked if you could go to the toilet, he would stop, look at you and say "Well, it's between you and God whether you can or not..." Then he'd wait til you either a) got the message and used the word may or b) peed your pants. Awesome guy.)

Anyway, my original point was: everyone says "Please can I have..." instead of "Can I please have..." Because it's a slightly unfamiliar phrase, I noticed it more, and that made it seem like such a rote-learned rule rather than true courtesy.

But then I realised that courtesy is probably mostly made up of stock phrases and rules, at least in the beginning. I don't know how many times during my childhood I rolled out a thank-you-for-having-me or takk-fyrir-mig without really thinking about it. You really do need to be taught specific rules for manners at first, and it's only later that your courtesy comes from actually thinking of others... Or does it?

Okay, so as a point, it's kind of pointless, but these are the things I think about. Also, wow, I'm rad at debating myself on small issues. I could keep going and going, arguing one side then the other, but I'm sure it'd get tiring after a while. Maybe it's already tiring! Sorry!

More later, maybe it will be less pointless - at first I wanted to say more pointful? More pointed? Pointier? Razor sharp, even.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hi, the bad news is I haven't been all that productive lately - but I guess if you look at my blog, that's not really news, more of a simple observation...

But the good news is I got to hang out with Sigga and Maggi and Guðný, so it was definitely time well spent.

I learnt a bunch of stuff about being a host (lesson 1: feed your guests. lesson 2: make beds for them. lesson 2a: own spare sheets.) If anyone gets the opportunity, I thoroughly recommend them as house guests - plenty of good food and drink were had, and they even cleaned my washing machine. Apparently you need to do that sometimes...

So anyway, what were the highlights?

The show we played in King's Cross was pretty rad, it was no-electricity themed, so we had to somehow adapt our songs for real piano and not much else. I got to play my clarinet a bit, it was tonnes of fun! I wish I was as good as Erin, but it still sounded pretty alright. And it turns out that's the first time Sigga and them have seen us, so that was pretty funny... We definitely need to get to Iceland sometime and play there!

We finally visited Walthamstow village, which is the older, nicer and greener part of our suburb. There's an awesome old church and graveyard, plus the ancient house you can see on Sigga's blog.

What else? We went to the British Museum one day - it was totally interesting and awesome but way too big! I'll have to go back and visit properly a few more times.
Sigga and I tried to go wedding dress shopping. It was unsuccessful, partly due to my lack of shopping skills - I'm way too easily distracted... We had a nice lunch in Camden though, and I guess finding dresses that I didn't want helps to narrow down the choices...

We went to see Nick play at Koko with Eskimo Joe. That was a pretty entertaining night, Eskimo Joe are definitely good at what they do... Also, Nick is kind of muppety when he drums, it is fun to watch. We only got to chat for a little while outside the after party, but it was really awesome to catch up with him. And Sigga made him promise to visit Iceland next time he's in the area!

Sigga left on Good Friday, so we had a pretty quiet couple of days after that. On Easter Monday, however, we returned to Walthamstow Village to take part in an afternoon of karaoke and £1.50 barbecue food! It was totally rad - Danny and I did Living on a Prayer (featuring lots of over the top punching-the-air gestures), Ross and Joe did Like a Rolling Stone (lots of shouty rambling, not much singing) and our friends Sal and Lindall did Whole Lotta Love (lots of groaning oohs and ahhs, the audience LOVED them). Then we came home and smashed an Easter pinata that Lindall and Danny made... Exciting times.

So yeah, that was pretty much my week. Might try to be more prolific, might fail, might not stress about it either way.
But to tide you over til next time... I took a photo of Ross. Easter-themed.

And he bought me some roses... Aw.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


See? Pretty nice!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whoa, two in one day!

So I wrote that other thing last week, but didn't post it - I think I was going to revise it or make it more coherent or something. Then I realised that I believe coherence is overrated, and I am the boss of this blog. So there.

Hmm, what kind of stuff did I want to write about? Work is okay, I'm pretty tired at the moment though. I think it's at least partly due to DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. Last week I was pleased that I could see the days getting lighter and lighter - I saw the sun come up on my way to work! But on Sunday we changed to summer time, so I'm getting up in the dark again. Boo.
Oh well, at least summer is on its way. Today was lovely and sunny in the afternoon, so I had a very pleasant walk home. Actually, there's this great tree that I get to walk past on my way to and from work. It is a highpoint of my day - I will definitely take a photo, it can be the highpoint of your day, too. (Is it a sad statement about London life that trees are so exciting to me? Maybe not, it is a pretty fantastic looking tree.)

I had a pretty funny conversation with my boss yesterday.
Him: I could eat this creme caramel 'til the cows come home! Literally!
Me: You have cows?
Him: No, silly, it's just a metaphor.
Um. But. The word 'literally' makes it not a metaphor. That's what that word does.
I didn't say it to him because I didn't want to sound like a smartass... But now I'm writing about it in my blog, which probably makes me even more of a smartass. A smug smartass. A smelly smug smartass?

Anyway. You know what else is awesome? Rats in a dollhouse. Or maybe that's not always awesome, like if you were nine and you had a dollhouse for your dolls and then all of a sudden there were some feral rats in there eating your Barbie's head and making nests from her hair to lay their little feral rat babies in. That wouldn't be very cool.

This guy is rad, though.

Yep. Cute.