Sunday, February 8, 2009

It has been a while...

Sorry! I've been doing lots of stuff, but most of my activities have been a) boring and b) tiring, which is a deadly combination in terms of desire to blog.

I worked six days this week, although most of them were really really quiet. I think the general consensus is that the credit crunch has finally hit, so everyone's trying to save money... It has worked out okay for me, I'm the one who does all the quiet shifts anyway. Yesterday three of us were rostered on to deal with some photographers who are apparently rather a big deal. We all ended up doing 13 hour shifts, but funnily enough we all hung about afterwards for an hour or two and a couple of drinks. It was pretty nice hanging out, there are quite a few nice kids at my work.

Ooh, and speaking of work (when am I not?) I got a pay rise! My boss just came up to me while I was working, and offered me more money. And when I said "thanks, that'd be great", he said "no, thank you. You've helped us out a bunch lately." Ah, it makes it all worthwhile.

Man, I am on segue fire! With the new money I'm getting, I'll be able to pay for the bass amp that I agreed to buy yesterday! One of the studio assistants was fiddling with his phone and he mentioned that he was selling his ampeg 4x10" bass cab on eBay. That's exactly the kind of cab I was looking for, so I borrowed an eBay account from another girl at work and bid against some other guy. It was pretty exciting. He's even going to drop it round to our house in Walthamstow! Can't wait to play my own amp again!

I think that's pretty much everything that's been going on. I'll leave you with screenshots from Skype this morning. Anna may disown me.


Anna said...

I really might, hey. Man, I sure do show a terrifying amount of teeth when I'm laughing.

Maja said...

Hey! I forgot you had short hair, it looks so cool! That is awesome they've given you a payrise. I love those. Yay for the amp!

Northern musings said...

They are great!!! So cool!
congrats on the pay rise - you will be running the place before you know it!!
Love you!

olga said...

Hey anna, I'm not even sure you were laughing, I think you may have just been looming closer to the camera for fun... I think my face is pretty good in that one, too!

Thanks Maja! I think my hair is actually getting a little bit long at the back (MULLET-Y), but I don't know if I should grow it out.

Sigga, they could not pay me enough to run that place... Or maybe they could, but they never would.