Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was about to call this post "It's been a while", but then it turned out I have already used that title! That means at least two times I've apologised for a lack of blogging. I will resolve this problem by writing more and apologising less!
On with the rest of it...

So I guess there hasn't been much in the way of spectacular news, but there's lots of trivial day-to-day stuff I could tell you... Like... um.

Oooh, today at work I helped the chef with some prep - we were really really busy, and I've worked in a few kitchens, so I was pretty happy to help out. Anyway, he was terribly impressed with my awesome polenta-cutting skills, so he asked my boss if I'd want to work in the kitchen instead of out the front. They really need the staff, and he said he would be happy working with me... Don't know if that's what I want to do, but in theory, I could start off washing dishes and prepping stuff, and eventually be a chef! Crazy, hey? I guess since I'm spending time there, it might be cool to get some more varied experience...

On the other hand, most of the chefs I know are crazy, and also crazy stressed out most of the time. Do I want that? Would I be able to handle it? Would I regret it if I don't even try?

Anyway, I have time to think about it, because it'll take a while for my boss at the bar to train up some staff to replace me. Ha, I'm so indispensable! There have been a bunch of trial girls lately, so hopefully they'll work things so I can at least have some days off, if not leave entirely.

That was weird, I just opened iTunes, but before I had a chance to choose any music, it started playing some Charles Mingus at me. Guess the computer wants me to listen to more jazz.

So what else is there? Ross is at work today, which is good. I think he gets a bit claustrophobic at home all the time, and also we're both the types to worry about cash flow. Speaking of which, we should definitely book some flights for the summer! Time seems to be flying by, it feels like there's lots to organise, but I guess there's not that much to do really. Invitations feel like a bit of a formality, I'm pretty sure we've told everyone what's going on... But they'll be a nice formality, I promise. Ross designed cards = awesome. Trust me, I know.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sausage fest!

Ha, let's see how many people accidentally find this blog entry while searching for something else entirely!

Hey, so we made some sausages yesterday, I thought it was a resounding success, especially for a first attempt. Ross, being his own harshest critic, says it was okay but not awesome... And to that I say "pfft". I'll agree that they didn't taste exactly like his Nonna's sausages, but they were pretty amazing in their own right... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Intestines are pretty much gross. These had already been cleaned, but you have to wash them again before you use them - but really, can you ever wash them enough? I don't think it's possible.

Team effort, yo!

And this one reminds me so much of Sigga's Christmas posts.

Afterwards some of Ross' friends from Kalamunda came over to help us eat them, and they were delicious! It was a really fun night, and I look forward to doing it again.

Oh yes and Ross has some stuff to add...

Oh and this is for Thor. Anna said you would like to know about the parts that make up the grinder.
The white thing is for stuffing the meat down the spout of the grinder. You can use your fingers but one sausage making day my cousin lost the tip of his finger and since then we have used the stuffer majig... but you probably wouldn't need to worry about that.

to the right of the stuffer majig is a cone shaped funnel device this is for loading the intestines or sausage casing onto. Tie a knot in the end of the casing and then start filling it with mince.

The two perforated steel plates are for getting a coarse and then finer mince. You should mince all your diced meat through the coarse plate and then add all the herbs and spices. Once you are happy with your mix then run it through the finer plate.

The L-shape piping is for housing the drill shaped object, the plates and the cutting blade. And also the long end of the L is where you stuff your diced meat.

The drill shaped object forces the meat towards the blade and then through the plates. The drill is attached to some sort of drive shaft, whether it be a manual crank handle type or in my case electric. For along time my Nonno did this manually, until an uncle attached it to an electric motor with a sewing machine pedal controlling the speed of the grind.

The metal rectangle plate with the hole fixes to the top of the L-shape piping where you would load mince to make sure you have a ready supply to be stuffed down the pipe ensuring a constant flow when stuffing the casings.

The ring shaped object is a threaded cap that screws onto the short end of the L-shape piping this holds the drill, blade and plates firm and secure.

I hope that I have explained this well enough.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stuff isn't everything...

But it can be pretty awesome sometimes. I got my new amp delivered today, the guy from work drove it all the way to my house! And then he even offered to help carry it up the stairs - what a nice boy.
So because I like taking pictures of inanimate objects, and because it is very pretty (to my eyes, anyway)...

This amp is such an awesomely cool thing, it sounds amazing with my amp and it has wheels that come off, and it's mine! I'll be able to take it when we go on tour, and not have to worry about borrowing other bands' gear.

And this is my lead, because it looked all nice and blue and loopy on the floor.

Also, Ross bought a meat grinder. We're going to try and make Italian sausage on Saturday. It will be the best Valentine's Day ever.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It has been a while...

Sorry! I've been doing lots of stuff, but most of my activities have been a) boring and b) tiring, which is a deadly combination in terms of desire to blog.

I worked six days this week, although most of them were really really quiet. I think the general consensus is that the credit crunch has finally hit, so everyone's trying to save money... It has worked out okay for me, I'm the one who does all the quiet shifts anyway. Yesterday three of us were rostered on to deal with some photographers who are apparently rather a big deal. We all ended up doing 13 hour shifts, but funnily enough we all hung about afterwards for an hour or two and a couple of drinks. It was pretty nice hanging out, there are quite a few nice kids at my work.

Ooh, and speaking of work (when am I not?) I got a pay rise! My boss just came up to me while I was working, and offered me more money. And when I said "thanks, that'd be great", he said "no, thank you. You've helped us out a bunch lately." Ah, it makes it all worthwhile.

Man, I am on segue fire! With the new money I'm getting, I'll be able to pay for the bass amp that I agreed to buy yesterday! One of the studio assistants was fiddling with his phone and he mentioned that he was selling his ampeg 4x10" bass cab on eBay. That's exactly the kind of cab I was looking for, so I borrowed an eBay account from another girl at work and bid against some other guy. It was pretty exciting. He's even going to drop it round to our house in Walthamstow! Can't wait to play my own amp again!

I think that's pretty much everything that's been going on. I'll leave you with screenshots from Skype this morning. Anna may disown me.

Monday, February 2, 2009


...is what snow is called in England. Ah, the language barrier still gets me.

But yeah, snow day! I made it to work, but not many other people did - the buses were all cancelled, and most of the train lines had severe delays and partial suspensions. One of the studios even called off their shoot, so I ended up going home early. Yay!

What else? Ross has finished his working week of doom, so he's had a couple of days off to rest. He ended up working Thursday, going from there to Camden to play a show, and then going from the show BACK to work. He slept there Thursday night, woke up Friday morning and worked straight through to Saturday morning. Insanity? Yes. But he's definitely impressed the boss, and has earned the same amount in a week than I earn in a month, and now has a bunch of time off until the next job. So all in all, it paid off for him.
We had a pretty quiet weekend after that - Ross taught a drum lesson on Saturday afternoon, then slept until Sunday!

I think that's pretty much it, haven't really been up to any hijinks. Maybe that'll be on my list of things to do tomorrow.