Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some thoughts...

Bit random. Disjointed. You know you love it.

Our housemate Rachael has moved out, it is quite sad and a bit empty around here. She is a totally awesome girl, I have much respect from her and I think I've learned from her, too. She's really creative and inspiring, has a serious DIY attitude and does what she wants, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
I hope she has an awesome time back home, but I also hope she comes back soon!

Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favourite authors. He wrote some amazing books ... Hmm, I'm trying to think of that word for science fiction that is even more nerdy than sci-fi itself - Speculative fiction! Anyway, his books are not really about spaceships and the future, they're about people and the way they deal with such a ridiculous thing as being alive. There's a great repeating line from his book Slaughterhouse Five that might be one of my favourite quotes. Wanna hear it? Yes, you do. Ready?
So it goes.
Okay, so not very groundbreakingly interesting on its own, but the meaning behind it is awesome. Basically, the main character is serving in the army during World War II, and he's surrounded by horror and death and the stupidity of war. I feel like the line kind of acknowledges that life can be awful, but it's okay accept it and move on. You'll still find happiness in life - and appreciate it more when you do.
Anyway, you should read some of his stuff.

I've been working lots of morning shifts lately. They're 7am starts, so I need to get out of bed around 5ish, depending on how organised I was the night before.
My dad will tell you, based on the many sleepy rants I've inflicted on him, that I'm not a morning person. Thing is, I like being awake that early while everyone else is still asleep. I've finally realised that it's only in the first 10 or so minutes of being awake that I hate everyone, even fluffy kittens that live in the beards of French men. After that I'm fine and all my sleep induced rage fades away... So if you ever have to spend time with me before I go to work, make sure I've got a ten minute head start. And God forbid you be the one to have to wake me.
Side note: why would the transition from sleep to waking make me so angry? Kinda bizarre, yes? But then, sleep is weird to begin with.

That reminds me, I meant to take a nap this afternoon, and now it's night time. Oh well, I'll get around to it later... I think we're going to Brick Lane tonight for curry with Heath.
We went to the Borough Markets today, and they were completely awesome. They're these huge food markets, with all kinds of delicious and fresh produce, and so many free samples! Last week I ate so much cheese that I had to go home early from Rachael's going away drinks. I think Heath had a good time, he was like a kid in a toyshop, running from the olive section to the truffle stall, stopping only to gaze longingly at the ostrich sausages. Good times.

Okay, gotta go get some curry!


Maja said...

Yes 'life can be awful but it's okay accept it and move on' I LOVE that! I think that's how I like to try to look at life too. Of course sometimes one can't help but wallow in sadness and self pity (stupid hormones) but life is much better when you look at it the other way.

Those food markets sound so awesome! Sometimes I wish I was in Perth all the time so I could go to markets for fresh vegies and stuff, but then again, Perth has few good markets, if any. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, because I'd love to know about some good markets. Because I go back to work straight after the weekend there's no point going to a market and buying nice fresh food.

Hey ditto on the waking up thing! I hate it when I get up and someone is asking me things or in my face straight up, just leave me alone for a bit and I'll be good. Although that doesn't apply to cuddles in bed. That's different.

Kristinn said...

Man anytime anyone ever mentions Vonnegut on the internet I'm going to link to this.

Still not read Slaughterhouse 5. I need to fix this, I've liked everything of his I've read!

olga said...

Maja: There's apparently a farmer's market at Graylands primary school in Mt. Claremont on the weekends. Heath also mentioned some amazing market in Albany that is actually worth that much driving.

K: Ha, that's exactly what I was looking at when I decided to write about it in my blog! He had such a great way of looking at things, and an even better way of expressing them. Those are skills that I want.

Northern musings said...

Great post Olga, I read Vonnegut on my way back to Aus in 1989 and wrote the travel story on the inside cover. The novel - Bluebeard... I think it is time that I read it again..

Anonymous said...

I really liked Slaughterhouse 5 and the other 2 Vonnegut books I've read - Cat's Cradle and Breakfast of Champions. I need to read more. I don't really think of him as nerdy or sci-fi because while his stories are sometimes based on those premises, it's not what makes them genius. It's just random or not-so-random plot to air out his thoughts, which are what interest me most.

It sounds kinda nutty, but both the passing of Vonnegut and my own grandfather make me sad in a similar way because I feel like their wisdom was important and good.

Good stuff.