Monday, January 12, 2009

So, hi again.

Freyja did such an awesome thing in the snow, every once in a while she'd bend down and nibble some and it was very cute. Then when I went to take a video, she did exactly that, it was great.

Anyway, more recent news... I bought some videos today from the Oxfam down the road - Magnolia, True Romance and Godfather III. They're only 50p each, and there are so many movies that I missed in the 90's and have been meaning to watch ever since. We saw 12 Monkeys last night, which was pretty awesome.

So yeah, good thing there are cheap videos, because British TV seems kind of appalling a lot of the time. We just watched some awful reality show about some old misogynistic celebrity cooking for a bunch of other celebrities, who then praised him for putting on such a great night. Plus there's celebrity Big Brother. Ew.

Luckily, Ross and Joe have started writing a sitcom - they figured it seems easy enough. Joe found a thing on the BBC website where they describe how to go about it. I'll let you know when it's on TV.

Ooh, and we played Trivial Pursuit the other night! Ross bought a copy at an op-shop, but it was a 1983 version, so there were many questions that went straight over our heads. It was pretty fun, although one of my housemates proved that he could be nearly as competitive as a Jonsson. I think Ross and I will have to introduce whist to this household, it could be amazing and fun.


Maja said...

Hey, if seinfeld can write a sitcom, anyone can! Can't wait to see it. Maybe you guys could act out a pilot episode yourselves :)

Hadn't you seen 12 monkeys before? That's amazing. Good movie.

Anonymous said...

like the hair pal! 1983 triv!?!? awesome :)

i remember british tv when i was a kid, and it was absolutely fucking dissapointed but not too surprised that it still is...
go for a walk or to the pub instead.
uncle xoxoxo

Northern musings said...

hey there - 1983 triv is the best - just ask maggi. I remember playing the UK version in Iceland in 86... I was useless....

olga said...

Maja - yeah, I've missed so many good movies, I don't even know how it happened... More to watch now, though!

Thanks Jason! You're right, lame TV should be a reason to get out of the house, but it hasn't worked that way yet.

Hmm, Sigga, I think the ideal trivia time period should be at least 10 years after you're born... On the other hand it was very educational!