Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Okay, so my birthday was really nice! The Christening was lovely, (Amma made a rjómaterta, because we decided cakes were mandatory) then we had dinner and played some cards. Not a huge bash, but I had some good food, and a good time with some of my favourite people - what more could you ask for?

Yesterday afternoon we went to the graveyard to put some candles up. It's traditional to put them on there on Christmas eve and New Year's, and the weather was really still and clear, so lots of people were up there.

Last night was totally awesome! We had a couple of fireworks of our own, but everyone else seemed to buy tonnes, so there was a good twenty minutes of non-stop booming and crackling and pretty colours! And to top it off, it was snowing beautifully the whole time. Fireworks going up, snow coming down = very nice.

Ross took lots of photos... And here's us bathed in the rosy glow of flarelight.

We played some Taboo for a while then decided to go to Mælifell, otherwise known as the only pub in Sauðárkrókur. It was pretty packed, I saw lots of people I went to school with, and also my ex from when I was here in 2003. It was a little bit awkward, Sigga and I spotted him first, but pretended not to, then he saw Sigga, figured out I was me and pretended not to see me, either. Eventually I went up and said hi, and we had a stilted conversation. Good times.

Anyway, we danced heaps at Mælifell, as my cousin Sorin's band was playing a whole bunch of Bon Jovi and Abba covers. Actually, it was only a couple of different songs, but they played them all at least twice, so there was much dancing and singing along.

After we got back from the pub Sigga read all our Tarot cards. Ross got love and money, I got a whole bunch of indecision. But what else is new? And then we called my mum and wished her a happy new year! The snow just kept falling, so around 6 in the morning we tried to make a snowman - it's way harder than it looks. But there was lots of fun to be had in playing katamari for real!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm so happy you guys are having a good time. The snow angel looks great. Thanks for the blog Love you lots Mum

Johanna said...

Me, Steina and the kids, went by Sigga´s house yesterday - everyone was apparently still slepping, after a very hard night:):) Anyway, we saw the most weird looking snowman, or snowmans-head!!! It had all the potential to being a great "snowmans-head" - it had stones for mouth and eys - a carrot for a nose - but then it had a broccoli-lump on top!!! he he...
Anyway, happy birthday, congrats on your christening, happy New Year, so glad that you finally got some snow on the last day of the year. I immediately thought of you guys, when I was at the "brenna" and it started snowing a "christmas-snow" - it was so beautiful:):) Love you guys

olga said...

Takk, Jóhanna!
Yeah, that's how far our snowman got before we ran out of patience. And the snow was absolutely perfect, wasn't it? Exactly the kind of snow I wanted for my birthday!

Maja said...

I don't think I had too huge a night on new years eve but I spent all new years day feeling really sick and vomiting up everything I swallowed. I'm never drinking gin again. Until I've forgotten how sick it made me new years. And I didn't even mix! Next time I just stick to wine or beer!

Boo for whatshisname the ex. He was rubbish, and still is. ha!