Friday, January 9, 2009

Because I put too many scary photos of Ross on here...

And not enough of me.

Ross just cut his hair so I think I could win in a big hair competition between us. Not to mention how well I'd do in a scary crazy lady competition... Must find out where those are held.

Okay so I'm working lots this week, I volunteered for some weekend shifts because I thought they'd be cruisy, but it turns out they're both pretty busy. On the plus side, on weekend shifts you're only dealing with people in the studios - during the week you have everyone who works in the offices, too.

Hmm, don't know what else I was going to write about. It's still really cold here, but luckily I got lots of warm things at christmas, so I've been pretty toasty. And our room is crazy cosy all the time! It's weird, it just doesn't seem to lose heat, so even after you turn the heater off it stays warm all night. It might suck come summer, but it's fantastic now. Makes it so much easier to get out of bed!

Ross is designing our wedding invitations as I write, they're going to be awesome. You'll love them, I promise.

And also, this is my new hobby.


Maja said...

You still don't look very scary to me...

At least working lots = more money. That's what I like about working.

That's awesome that your room is nice and warm. Hopefully it won't get too hot in London in the summer anyway.

You're so organised with your wedding! We haven't even decided where to have ours, or even set a date.

Anonymous said...

Excellent scary photo! I like your new hobby, please send me one!

- Anna

olga said...

My hobby was actually all about making christmas presents, but yeah, I didn't really get around to it... I have lots here, and eventually I'll send them. Maybe I'll just send them to roley and make you in charge of distribution, Anna!

Hmm, I don't really feel organised, Maja, but I'm sure we'll get there in the end. I looked at a wedding planning website, and it looked terrifying - I'd much rather do it my way!

Northern musings said...

So glad that Ross has the invites under control!!! Let me know what I can do - Love the hair - you are soo not scary enough.. That reminds me - shall I get Þórdís organised to do hair and makeup for you on the day?