Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ross is working again! And how...

He's helping some guy renovate a house in Camberwell, which is about an hour away on public transport. Sarah (London manager extraordinaire) got him in contact with this dude, and apparently they're working towards a scarily close deadline. So he's getting paid pretty well, and has worked about 18 hours in the last 36. And will be getting up for some more work in another 6 hours... Poor lad! But I think he's pleased to be doing something, as he's not really the laze-about type. I, on the other hand, could happily do enough slacking for both of us...

Okay so on the weekend Heath was over and it was awesome - we had some interesting band meetings and ate some amazing food! After our great lunch of French cheese and potatoes and ostrich/boar burgers, Heath bought some more bread and cheese and salami to take home. (That's home to Walthamstow, by the way, not to Perth. I think the quarantine dogs would have something to say about that. Or not say, exactly... Something to wiggle about? Or do they bark, or what? Must smuggle some food in so I can find out)

As if buying us amazing sandwich stuff wasn't enough, Heath then took us out to dinner to a Portuguese place down the road from our house. It was fantastic, we just had a whole bunch of little tapas plates to share, so we got to try all sorts of new things. Ross missed it because he was still working, so we'll have to go back there sometime.

What else is there that has happened? After Rachael moved out, Joe moved into her room, so Ross and I moved into Joe's old room upstairs. It has a more comfortable bed, and is less noisy than our old room, so I think it's a winner. Plus it gave me a reason to sort out all of my crap. In this room, I'm going to be all about having a place for everything... We'll see how long that lasts...

Ah yes, and now we have a new housemate, Daisy. She's a friend of Rachael's, also from New Zealand, so the odds are she's pretty awesome. She moved in last night, so I haven't really had a chance to meet her properly. Time for that later.

Ooh, and we're playing a show on Thursday night! At the Barfly in Camden, and we're hoping that lots of industry people come down and enjoy us and throw money at us. Except not literally. Or if literally, then hopefully soft money, not coins.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some thoughts...

Bit random. Disjointed. You know you love it.

Our housemate Rachael has moved out, it is quite sad and a bit empty around here. She is a totally awesome girl, I have much respect from her and I think I've learned from her, too. She's really creative and inspiring, has a serious DIY attitude and does what she wants, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
I hope she has an awesome time back home, but I also hope she comes back soon!

Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favourite authors. He wrote some amazing books ... Hmm, I'm trying to think of that word for science fiction that is even more nerdy than sci-fi itself - Speculative fiction! Anyway, his books are not really about spaceships and the future, they're about people and the way they deal with such a ridiculous thing as being alive. There's a great repeating line from his book Slaughterhouse Five that might be one of my favourite quotes. Wanna hear it? Yes, you do. Ready?
So it goes.
Okay, so not very groundbreakingly interesting on its own, but the meaning behind it is awesome. Basically, the main character is serving in the army during World War II, and he's surrounded by horror and death and the stupidity of war. I feel like the line kind of acknowledges that life can be awful, but it's okay accept it and move on. You'll still find happiness in life - and appreciate it more when you do.
Anyway, you should read some of his stuff.

I've been working lots of morning shifts lately. They're 7am starts, so I need to get out of bed around 5ish, depending on how organised I was the night before.
My dad will tell you, based on the many sleepy rants I've inflicted on him, that I'm not a morning person. Thing is, I like being awake that early while everyone else is still asleep. I've finally realised that it's only in the first 10 or so minutes of being awake that I hate everyone, even fluffy kittens that live in the beards of French men. After that I'm fine and all my sleep induced rage fades away... So if you ever have to spend time with me before I go to work, make sure I've got a ten minute head start. And God forbid you be the one to have to wake me.
Side note: why would the transition from sleep to waking make me so angry? Kinda bizarre, yes? But then, sleep is weird to begin with.

That reminds me, I meant to take a nap this afternoon, and now it's night time. Oh well, I'll get around to it later... I think we're going to Brick Lane tonight for curry with Heath.
We went to the Borough Markets today, and they were completely awesome. They're these huge food markets, with all kinds of delicious and fresh produce, and so many free samples! Last week I ate so much cheese that I had to go home early from Rachael's going away drinks. I think Heath had a good time, he was like a kid in a toyshop, running from the olive section to the truffle stall, stopping only to gaze longingly at the ostrich sausages. Good times.

Okay, gotta go get some curry!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gerbils and plimsolls...

Imagine a gerbil IN plimsolls. That would be amazing. So is this:

Ross and Joe took some photos on Ross' computer today. Seriously, there are about twenty of these, but this one is the most awesome.

I had a really good day off today. I posted some things, paid some bills, did lots of washing and then went shopping... I've been trying to find some comfortable but cheap black sneakers for a while now, and today was finally my lucky day! There's a shop in Bethnal Green that sells £5 plimsolls (whee, what a fun word). So anyway, I decided I'd go to Hackney first to visit the morally dubious discounted clothes store Primark - where I found the very same style of plain black sneakers, in my size for only £2! Wow, I really dragged out the telling of that story, but that should indicate to you how strongly I feel about it. Made my day.

I also went to a pet store - I really miss all the animals in Roleystone. They have all these weird pets here that I never saw in Australia, like chinchillas and hamsters and gerbils. I totally want a gerbil, and Ross (after many convincing and logical arguments, e.g. "I want one") told me I could get one! I'm not sure if I actually will. I'd probably get bored of it after a while...

But how could I get bored of that cuteness?
Oh no, I just read about keeping gerbils and apparently if you get gerbils, you have to get more than one gerbil so they don't get depressed and lonely... And it doesn't seem like they're very friendly to people. Bah, no gerbil for me. Although it was fun writing the word gerbil that many times.

Ross gave a drum lesson yesterday to a twelve year old kid! The kid's parents found Joe's number on the internet as a guitar teacher, and he gave them Ross' number. I think he'd be a good teacher, he's a good drummer and a nice guy. He and Joe are thinking of starting a rock'n'roll high school - it'd be great! If they each taught three or four kids a week, that would pay for their rent. Plus they'd get to influence the musicianship of a whole generation of British bands. So much power...

Anyway, I think that's about all. Our manager Heath is coming to London tomorrow night, and staying a few days to meet with labels and other helpful people. Hopefully, that means a weekend of being taken out to lunch and dinner and drinks by record companies, and not having to pay! It's a good life.

Also, gerbils. Say it now. It'll brighten your day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Woo! I talked to Anna on Skype this morning - I love the future! Ross' computer has a built in video camera and microphone, so you pretty much just talk to the computer, and it answers you back in the voices of your loved ones. Good times. Twas very nice to catch up with the family, I miss all their gorgeous faces.

So, what have I been up to? I caught up with Steph K, a friend of mine from Perth the other night, we had a really good time. We used to work together at Betty's, and she is a very cool lady.

Anyway, she was visiting family in Poland over Christmas, so she was here for one night only - we had cider and curry in Brick Lane, which was awesome as always. It's funny, she seemed almost surprised by how well everything's going for us - I guess I was a little bit apprehensive about it before I left, and when I think about it, everything has fallen into place with relative ease. A job, a house, some shows to play - all of it just kind of happened without too much worry or hassle. Well, I may have done the worrying, but in hindsight it wasn't necessary*.

So yeah, my point is: I realised that we have it pretty good over here, and I'd like to share that with you all. Especially you, worrying mum. I'm getting plenty of iron and taking my cod liver oil, I promise.

*Come to think of it, is there ever a time for necessary worry? Probably not.

Monday, January 12, 2009

So, hi again.

Freyja did such an awesome thing in the snow, every once in a while she'd bend down and nibble some and it was very cute. Then when I went to take a video, she did exactly that, it was great.

Anyway, more recent news... I bought some videos today from the Oxfam down the road - Magnolia, True Romance and Godfather III. They're only 50p each, and there are so many movies that I missed in the 90's and have been meaning to watch ever since. We saw 12 Monkeys last night, which was pretty awesome.

So yeah, good thing there are cheap videos, because British TV seems kind of appalling a lot of the time. We just watched some awful reality show about some old misogynistic celebrity cooking for a bunch of other celebrities, who then praised him for putting on such a great night. Plus there's celebrity Big Brother. Ew.

Luckily, Ross and Joe have started writing a sitcom - they figured it seems easy enough. Joe found a thing on the BBC website where they describe how to go about it. I'll let you know when it's on TV.

Ooh, and we played Trivial Pursuit the other night! Ross bought a copy at an op-shop, but it was a 1983 version, so there were many questions that went straight over our heads. It was pretty fun, although one of my housemates proved that he could be nearly as competitive as a Jonsson. I think Ross and I will have to introduce whist to this household, it could be amazing and fun.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Because I put too many scary photos of Ross on here...

And not enough of me.

Ross just cut his hair so I think I could win in a big hair competition between us. Not to mention how well I'd do in a scary crazy lady competition... Must find out where those are held.

Okay so I'm working lots this week, I volunteered for some weekend shifts because I thought they'd be cruisy, but it turns out they're both pretty busy. On the plus side, on weekend shifts you're only dealing with people in the studios - during the week you have everyone who works in the offices, too.

Hmm, don't know what else I was going to write about. It's still really cold here, but luckily I got lots of warm things at christmas, so I've been pretty toasty. And our room is crazy cosy all the time! It's weird, it just doesn't seem to lose heat, so even after you turn the heater off it stays warm all night. It might suck come summer, but it's fantastic now. Makes it so much easier to get out of bed!

Ross is designing our wedding invitations as I write, they're going to be awesome. You'll love them, I promise.

And also, this is my new hobby.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Although I guess it's not his birthday any more in Perth - never mind. Ooh, and he shares his birthday with David Bowie, Stephen Hawking and the guy who made Yu-gi-oh. I love the internet.
Okay, it has to be done. My birthday is the same as Patti Smith, Heidi Fleiss and Eliza Dushku. Wow, and Saddam Hussein was executed, too.

So, we're back in Walthamstow, where the current temperature is about -10 degrees, and it snowed on my way to work this morning! It's apparently the coldest winter the UK has had for ages, while it's still relatively warm in Iceland. Wacky stuff.

I tried to find a picture taken here in England, but the prettiest ones are from Sauðárkrókur. This one came from Sigga's camera, and it's of Ross and I chasing each other around on New Year's Eve.
I was reading Sigga's blog about how great our New Year's was, and it's true - I think it's one of the best ones I've ever had, too. You know how sometimes it just gets overhyped, and fails to live up to expectations? It's the night where you're compelled to go out and have a really meaningful and good time, and if you don't, you fail. That's dumb. How often do you have fun just because you have to? Not ever, says me.
Our party was lots of fun because there were no plans or expectations, we just spent a nice night with nice people, end of story.

We played a show the night we got back at this place called Madame Jojo's. It was a really pretty venue, they had lights in the shape of peacocks (!) but I didn't get around to taking a photo of them.

Okay, I have to go, Ross just cooked me a dinner, which I'm sure will be amazing as usual. He has mad skillz.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I almost forgot this amazing thing!

Ross = destructo.

Happy New Year!

Okay, so my birthday was really nice! The Christening was lovely, (Amma made a rjómaterta, because we decided cakes were mandatory) then we had dinner and played some cards. Not a huge bash, but I had some good food, and a good time with some of my favourite people - what more could you ask for?

Yesterday afternoon we went to the graveyard to put some candles up. It's traditional to put them on there on Christmas eve and New Year's, and the weather was really still and clear, so lots of people were up there.

Last night was totally awesome! We had a couple of fireworks of our own, but everyone else seemed to buy tonnes, so there was a good twenty minutes of non-stop booming and crackling and pretty colours! And to top it off, it was snowing beautifully the whole time. Fireworks going up, snow coming down = very nice.

Ross took lots of photos... And here's us bathed in the rosy glow of flarelight.

We played some Taboo for a while then decided to go to Mælifell, otherwise known as the only pub in Sauðárkrókur. It was pretty packed, I saw lots of people I went to school with, and also my ex from when I was here in 2003. It was a little bit awkward, Sigga and I spotted him first, but pretended not to, then he saw Sigga, figured out I was me and pretended not to see me, either. Eventually I went up and said hi, and we had a stilted conversation. Good times.

Anyway, we danced heaps at Mælifell, as my cousin Sorin's band was playing a whole bunch of Bon Jovi and Abba covers. Actually, it was only a couple of different songs, but they played them all at least twice, so there was much dancing and singing along.

After we got back from the pub Sigga read all our Tarot cards. Ross got love and money, I got a whole bunch of indecision. But what else is new? And then we called my mum and wished her a happy new year! The snow just kept falling, so around 6 in the morning we tried to make a snowman - it's way harder than it looks. But there was lots of fun to be had in playing katamari for real!