Friday, December 19, 2008

Shall I pike tonight?

(Pike, by which I mean cancel my plans to go out, not become a fish. Although that's always an option.)

I believe I probably will... It's our staff party tonight, but I am knackered, and also pretty sure I'm going to quit while I'm away. They are nice folks, I guess. I am not really in the mood for awkwardness or drinking, though, and I think tonight would involve either one or the other, if not both.

Whoa - side note of weirdness. I'm on facebook at the moment, and I'm having two conversations: one in Icelandic, with my cousin Ásgeir, and also one in English, with Anna's boyfriend Dean. My brain is about to split in two...

Also, there are some girls singing along to celine dion next door. It is really loud.

Anyway, side notes over. I did a little bit of Christmas shopping today. Sorry in advance, dudes, I completely missed the deadline for sending things to arrive in time. I think it was a couple of weeks ago... Don't worry though, my inability to get organised is not indicative of any decrease in feeling on my part - I still love y'all.

This is a photo from a flower market last week - so many Christmas trees. They're way cute. They look like they want hugging, but I guess they probably don't.

Ross worked for ages today, I think it must have been 12 or 13 hours, but he got paid for 14! Awesome! He has to work tomorrow, too, which is less awesome. I'm going to sleep in and then get some stuff done!


Anonymous said...

Hi Poss, Just get food type stuff for amma, alcohol stuff for Sigga and glittery things for the rest. love you lots.

Northern musings said...

Love that - alcohol for sigga... hmmm - I think I need to quit.... Glittery things are great!

olga said...

Oh no, I didn't get time to organise many glittery presents, but I got some pretty exciting things that aren't glittery.

Northern musings said...

Having you and Ross here is christmas present enough - I sooo can´t wait!

Maja said...

I piked on Anna's bands cd launch the other night on account of not having anyone to come out with me and feeling paranoid/anxious about going out by myself. Sometimes if you don't have a good feeling about going out it's best to stay home.

I didn't send any christmas cards last week. I wrote some... I was so lazy. You'll have to wait til January!

Oz said...

Hi Olga (I'm not sure you'll ever actually read this?), this is Oz, apparently you have a blog! I have wasted lots of time today reading all the way down to here, I hope you don't mind. I also hope my supervisor doesn't mind.

Anyway I have been caught out using the word `pike' in England, because `pikey' is a bad word for the romani people, and when I say `I piked' it sounds to English ears like I am saying that I am `lazy like a pikey'. I didn't mean to be racist! I was just employing the australian idiom! I hope you have not had this problem.