Friday, December 26, 2008

Pyjama day!

Which is what Boxing Day is now called. C'mon, I just said what everyone was thinking... Luckily, one of the few items of clothing I brought over was my dress that turned out to be pyjamas, so I'm all set.

What did we do today? Ross got all handy and put up some Christmas lights out the front of Amma's. The party poopers among you might point out that it's already the 26th of December, but there's always time to be festive! It was supposed to be done before Christmas, but the weather was too stormy.

Today was lovely, really clear and cold. Ross and I went for a walk round lunchtime to get some cigarette papers, and the sunrise was really pretty. The sky was all rosy, and the snow on the mountains was almost pink in places... I'm hoping it stays nice tonight, then maybe we'll be able to see the Northern Lights.

As I say, it was pretty cold!

Um, and here's Ross dangling from the trapdoor at Amma's house...

What else did we do today? We played a game of chess, which Ross won. He beat me yesterday, too... Then we came to Sigga's and watched Flight of the Conchords. Mum and Dad gave it to Ross for Christmas, it is awesome!

Oh yeah and we started discussing wedding type plans... Reykir was booked for the weekend we had originally planned, so we're probably going to make it the weekend after - the 3rd to the 5th of July! Does that sound possible for everyone who wants to come? I hope so!

Hmm, I wonder how many strangers read my blog...


Old Knudsen said...

cigarette papers? do you grow yer own?

anyway I'm a stranger or rather strange, Nothern Muse told me to come over and I usually do as I'm told........... NOT!

I hope you know that bloke looking through the window I'd call the police.

Maja said...

Never too late for christmas lights!

Yay northern lights! They're so beautiful. I hope you get some.

They had a flight of the conchords marathon on channel v on christmas day. JJ and I watched it for about 2 hours. Very funny. I love their songs. Especially when they don't know the words.

olga said...

He he, it just occurred to me that inviting people to my wedding on a public space like a blog might not have been the best idea...
Strange but not a stranger is fine!

Yeah, Sigga told us that she saw some northern lights when we were here in autumn, while she was out walking Freyja. We were asleep though, and she didn't want to wake us!