Monday, December 15, 2008

Not so nice day...

Actually, most of the day was good. I only have two standout stories of appalling-ness, and come to think of it, they were both conversations with chefs.

1. I walk into the kitchen in the morning.
Sous-chef Fabian says, "Wow, you got your hair cut!"
I say, "Yes, I did. Ross cut it for me."
He says, "Are you alright? You don't seem like your usual self today."
I am kind of touched, and say, "Yeah, I'm kind of stressed out about money and Christmas and various things... I'm feeling pretty crappy." (I cried this morning because of said worries)
He says, "Well, at least your insides match your outsides."
I say nothing, mouth gaping as I realise he just insulted my fiance, my hair and my emotional stability. Then I leave.

2. I'm talking to head-chef Keith.
Keith says, "Hey, you got your hair cut. Who did that, then?"
I say, "My boyfriend Ross. Pretty cool huh?"
He says, "Was he drunk at the time?"
I say, "No."
He says, "Are you sure?"
I say, "Yes." Then I leave.

But to end on a nice note... Everyone else at work was lovely. Even big scary boss-man and seemingly oblivious studio jerks a) noticed, and b) said nice things. And heck, I love my new hair, so whatever!

Plus, only 6 days to go!


Maja said...

Aw! I love your hair too, I think it looks great! Stupid snobby chefs!

It sucks to worry about money. I'm always checking our balances (we only have debt, no savings) but I've found that if you don't worry about it as much, it doesn't get any worse and you feel better. Try to put it out of your mind. You'll be okay xoxoxo

Anna said...

I like your hair, and I am also stressed about money. You win on money stress what with supporting yourself though.

Chefs tend to be jerks, I've noticed. I've known some good ones, but a bunch of them are just really entitled and wanky.

When I get to England, I shall break their femurs for you.

Northern musings said...

Hey Olga,
what can I do to help - just name it!!! I too love your hair - they are just jerks....

Anonymous said...

That is so rude! It makes me really angry but at the same time think they're not even worth it getting angry about. Who are they anyway to judge you like that. They dont even know you. grrrrr.

As for the money, I totally understand your worries, I just quit one of my cafe jobs (the better paid one) because it wasnt working out and now I'm pretty much just living of my savings which were meant to be used for paying back the government for supporting my studies. But I'm sure theres always a way to work around it.
I hope you have a great time in Iceland! Good times are ahead. -anja

Guðmundur Hákon said...

Sounds great you are coming to Iceland. We are really looking forward to meet you.


Guðmundur and the rest of the gang.

olga said...

Hæ frændi!

I look forward to seeing you guys too - I´ve lost your email address, though. Can you maybe email me: ?
I don't think we're staying in Reykjavik long, but we definitely need to catch up!