Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It is cold!

Very cold. It was apparently minus one last night, and they were expecting snow, but I haven't ventured out to see yet. Although I don't think snow leaves any lasting impression in the street here... It mostly falls and is gone. Bummer.

It was Joe's birthday yesterday, we made a nice dinner and hung out at home. We were thinking of going out to Brick Lane for curry, but it was so much nicer staying in and eating a Ross-style curry. And Rachel bought a cake and everything, we ate like kings!

What else? I really really need a haircut, it's getting a bit ridiculous. My fringe is almost hair length, and I pretty much wear it tied up all the time! I'm toying with the idea of really short hair - I think the shortest I've ever gone was the last haircut I had, and even that was just down to my chin. What do you think? Ross has some clippers with a number 4 setting... Maybe I'll do something about it this weekend.

I might be working on Saturday, it should be good. I worked last Saturday, which was a bit stressful because of the party happening that night.

Oh yeah, I didn't have my blog last week, did I? I had a really bad week at work, I'm not sure if I went into any detail about it yet... Basically I worked six days, three of them 10+ hour shifts, and had a run-in with my boss about a party. They held an A-list party on thursday night, and everyone available was roped in to work. My roster said I'd be doing 7-3 on both thursday and friday. It seemed sensible, that way I'd be relatively fresh and competent on friday, and everyone who worked the party could take it a little bit easy.

However, on thursday, I stayed til about half past four helping to get the place organised. I had already had a crappy, busy, short staffed day, and was pretty much keeping myself together until I got a chance to leave. Everyone was all panicky and running around trying to get stuff done, so I figured I'd help out for a while. Then my bosses Adam and Vee came up with worksheets for all the staff working that night:
Vee: Oops, I think I put the wrong name on your worksheet, Olga.
Me: That's okay, I'm not actually working tonight, I was supposed to finish at 3 today. I'm going home soonish...
Vee: No you're not. You're working tonight.
Me: (Gaping and confused) Um. What? I could have sworn my roster said 7-3...
Adam: (Noticing my utter disbelief) Come out here for a second.

Whereby we walk into the hallway for privacy (although there's still millions of people walking around) and he claps me on the shoulder and says "Sorry, I should have communicated with you better on this: we need you to work tonight" (<---- better? Try 'at all'! He didn't mention it to me, ever. No email, no phone call, no hasty conversation, nothing!)
Me: But... (speechless pause) I'm working tomorrow morning.
Adam: So is everyone. (except everyone else wasn't starting at 7, they were starting at 10) Is there any reason you can't do it?
Me: Um. I guess I don't have anything planned... (Stupid answer! Yes, I have some ground-breaking cancer research to attend to! I have to save the world from killer prawns!)
Adam: So...
Me: (realising there's a very real chance I'll have to stay here at least another ten hours - bursts into tears)

It was really a stupid situation. I mean, I'd been there all day without a break, I was feeling really scummy and gross and had been struggling not to cry earlier that day anyway! So I asked to at least take a break and think about it, but ended up crying for half an hour then telling him I couldn't work. When I told him, he was quite short with me, like, 'Fine, it's no big deal, just go home'. It was almost like he was doing me this big favour by not making me work continuously until the following night.

He ended up giving me a half-hearted passive-agressive apology the next day - not 'I'm really sorry I treated you like crap' but 'I'm sorry you got so upset, it's just my way, hey, we all have issues'. Ah yes, and the funniest part is that Vee, the other boss lady, didn't talk to me all the next day. I believe it was my 'punishment' for letting the team down. What is she, five? Luckily, I don't care at all!
The apology sort of took the wind out of my sails for quitting though, so I'll stick it out til Christmas.

But yes, I believe my original point (about 5 paragraphs ago) was that Saturdays are usually pretty easy shifts, so working this weekend might be awesome. Last Saturday was less good because I worked the dayshift, and everyone was getting organised for another party, and I got kind of anxious that we'd have the same situation again... Awkward. Plus we played a show on Friday night, and I was pretty worn out by the end of the shift.

That's all I've got for now. I don't think this post needs to be any longer, anyway!

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Northern musings said...

Poor Olga, he sounds like a bit of a dick!