Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Iceland! Yeah!

Hey, we are back in Sauðárkrókur again! I´m writing this in Sigga´s lovely Christmassy house. There´s a little bit of snow outside, but most of it is brown and slushy... Apparently the beautiful snowfall of the past few days has been demolished by the rain and wind. Boo.
Still, we´re optimistic about a white Christmas - there´s plenty of time for some serious snow to fall.

We got into Iceland on Sunday afternoon and had a couple of days staying at my Aunt Matthildur´s in Reykjavík, which was lovely. We didn´t really do anything - spent the time sleeping in, eating and watching movies. The last week in London has been kind of exhausting, so it felt like we could finally just relax once we got here.

Got into Sauðárkrókur around 3.30ish and Amma made us coffee and cake, including brúnterta, which is my favourite! We then went to the craft shop with Sigga - it´s owned by Herdís, my mum´s cousin - and ran into several other relatives on the way. It feels pretty familial and cosy here, which I think is what everyone wants for Christmas, right?

My camera has run out of batteries, so no photos yet. I´ll charge it tonight, and take some festive pictures during one of the four daylight hours tomorrow!

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Maja said...

Merry Christmas to you and Ross and ég bið að heilsa öllum!

Love you xoxoxox