Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What? And what else?

Hey, so apparently Brad Pitt was at my work yesterday having his photos taken for Rolling Stone. It was a completely closed set though, so I didn't get to see him. Once I thought about it, I realised that seeing him would not really affect my life in any way, so I guess I don't mind. Still, it's kinda neat.

What else? Ross and I have moved into Donna's old room, she and Kelli left on monday night. They must be in Oz by now, I hope they're enjoying the sun in sunny Melbourne! I guess it's more likely that they're zombie-fied with jetlag, but that'll pass eventually. I'm really glad to have gotten to know those girls a bit before they went, they are both lovely and made our transition to London so much easier!

Anyway, our new room is a big improvement on the old one - I'd say it's at least twice the size, with two wardrobes, a chest of drawers and a TV with a built in VCR - not to mention all the books and videos that Donna left behind. I don't think that'll do wonders for my social life, but never mind. And now we can start getting homey things - lamps and bedside tables and the like. I'm excited.

Aw, some bad news is that Ross had his last day at the recycling place today. Actually it's kind of good news, because hopefully his temp agency can get him something new and awesome pretty soon. I think the garbo folks were kind of jerks about it, though, Ross seemed a little bit down about it. They only told him this afternoon that he wasn't needed, so he didn't really see it coming. Plus being told that you're done at a temping place must feel a little bit like getting fired. Poor love. I'm glad he has to have tomorrow off, though, I think he could probably use the rest.

I think I'd really like a bean bag, or a big cushiony chair to put in our room. Ross is already asleep, so I'm on the floor on a pillow - it's less than ideal. Maybe that'll be my first sewing project - seems easy enough!

Also, I've been having this weird idea that everything smells kind of funny. You know when something just seems wrong, but you can't figure out what it could be? I'm not even sure if there is a smell, maybe it's just a figment of my crazy nose.
Who knows?

I won't write anything that terrible again. Promise.


Maja said...

Wow, Brad Pitt. While i was waiting at a checkout this morning I read on the cover of a magazine that Angelina Jolie is sick of him getting into brawls in public.

Trashy magazines are just bizarre, really. I refuse to get sucked into their lies and deceit.

Yay about the new room! That's too bad about Ross's temp job, but maybe he'll get something heaps better next.

I know exactly what you mean about smelling a smell. It could be mould or something? I'm pretty sure the funny smell in the bathrooms of our house is from mould, but I'm not sure where it is.

Northern musings said...

Houses in England always seem to smell funny to me - especially the older ones. Also sleeping in a bed other than my own seems to affect my nose, always think it smells wierd. A bean bag is good idea, very useful and mobile piece of furniture. As for Brad - his loss