Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is a tiny rocking horse that Jade sent me. I like it.

I have been having a pretty uneventful time, so I haven't really had anything to write. Because the roster for this week was already written when I started, I'm not working again until tomorrow, so I've had several days off to get things done. But there isn't really anything urgent that needs doing - we've sorted the lease, I have a job, I got my national insurance number, and I did washing yesterday - so I'm just hanging out! It's a tough life :)

Anyway, I'd like to make something. But what? There are so many options! My housemate Rachel has a sewing machine, and I think she said she also has a bunch of fabric that I can use, so I might try to make some clothes. I'd like some legwarmers and other warm things, maybe I should figure out how to knit while I'm at it.
Ross' computer has garage bands, which is a program for making music, so I could write an awesome song... Actually my ability to write an awesome song is unproven at this point, but there's no time like the present!
I could go out and take some photos with my nice camera, and that would have the added bonus of giving me something interesting to post here later!
I could start writing my novel, although I don't have anything that resembles a starting point. I could go out and find a starting point instead.

Yes, today should be a day for doing things! In that case, I guess I'll stop writing and start doing! Check back later to see what I accomplished!


Maja said...


Great photo of the rocking horse. So cute!

So many things to do! There are heaps of knitting things online, you should have a look at them. I've been planning on doing some more sewing of my christmas tree skirt that I started many years ago. Far out, I can't believe I started it FIVE years ago. I kinda had it in my head that it was only a couple of years ago.

Time flies.

Anna said...

That's a pretty sweet rocking horse!

Speaking of china things, what happened to that elephant teapot you had? Did you take it with you? I remember you buying it and then I never saw it again. Which is a shame.

Do you really want to make clothes when there's so many cool shops there?

Though, i do kind of want a christmas tree dress now that Maja's brought it up.

Shit, I need to go do stuff too!

Northern musings said...

Write the novel... Indoor activity is always good... Nah... take photos... nah sew something... nah write a song.... see a whole day of procrastination can go by... this is what I do

olga said...

Maja, is that a skirt that looks like a Christmas tree, or a skirt for a Christmas tree? I think I may have just dashed Anna's hopes.

Anna: I bought the elephant teapot for Jade's birthday! If you invite her around for a tea party, maybe she'll let you pour from it! (You probably don't want that, I don't remember it pouring as well as an elephant should)

Sigga: Hence my invitation for you guys to check on me later - I had to achieve something that day, otherwise you guys would... well, I'm sure you'd understand, but still!

Maja said...

It's a mat that goes around the base of the christmas tree that you put the presents on. hehehe

Still haven't started sewing it again... so many fiddly little bits it's daunting. Plus I've been busy with housewifely duties while Jason does manly duties out the back. (I like the inside jobs better!)