Monday, November 10, 2008

Good night!

We just had a really fun night out!

It was housemate Rachael's birthday, so we went to Brick Lane for curry. Wow, I thought I had more to say about it than that, but I guess the simple things in life can be pretty sweet.
Why was it so good?
Hmm, I went straight from work to dinner, so the food was extra amazing because I was so hungry!
Rachael's friend Stacey was really good at haggling. On Brick Lane, there are guys out the front of every door telling you how awesome their restaurant is. Stacey asked every one of them why we should go there - how many free bottles of wine? Would we get free dips and poppadums*? How much discount off food? She was great, we ended up with six free bottles of wine and 30% off dinner! And it was Rachael's favourite curry place, so all the food was really good!
It was nice to hang out with (nearly) all our housemates. They're all pretty awesome human beings, it's a bummer that Kelli and Donna are leaving next week. Luckily, they're having a going away party or two next weekend, possibly involving roast and karaoke. We really lucked out with these people...

There was rain today. Lots of it. I saw FIVE discarded umbrellas in various gutters around town. I really like that London will hit you with crappy weather, then destroy your means of coping with that weather. Plus broken umbrellas are pretty nice to look at...

What else? I really can't think of much. Work was okay, getting better, but still a bit of a demented place to be. Today I learnt that our boss Adam, who is in charge of the restaurant, is actually head lighting guy for the studio, and knows next to nothing about running a restaurant. It explains a lot.

Also, I finished my legwarmers! They are rather strange looking, but so warm and fluffy and sparkly. Hopefully I'll get the guts to wear them in public! If not, they'll become part of my happy-at-home comfort outfit - you know, when you wear all your favourite things at the same time. Unless maybe you never do that. You should though, it's pretty fun.

I'm thinking of buying some really thick knitting needles to make a scarf. The wool that I bought is quite nice and there's lots left - it's possible that you'll all get sparkly knitwear for Christmas. And you'll love it, I swear!

That's about all. Ross is sleeping at the moment, I'm not sure if I can put photos on here just yet... I'll edit and add them tomorrow!

*Golly gee whiz, how do you spell that word? Puppadums? Poppadoms? There's no justification for any one of those spellings over the others... Ha, the dictionary doesn't know either!


Maja said...

I'm watching adorable puppies on a live webcam. They're so cute!

Northern musings said...

great post Olga, god how I would love a proper indian curry right now. Thats one of the best things about London or the UK for that matter - great curry!!!! (thats what you can bring from London, there is this curry making kit - flat with spices in little plastic bits... too hard to explain - will find my packs at home and tell you what they are called ....