Saturday, November 22, 2008

Boo! No internet!

Hey, so we just changed over the phone and stuff at our house, and apparently that means no phone or internet for a little while. I'm writing this on the slightly sticky keyboard at Waltham Forest Library (I think the forest is metaphorical, there is certainly not much green around... Books have leaves, right?)

Anyway, so I will probably not be writing too much. You guys will have to imagine all the wacky things I'm doing, and I'll let you know whether your guesses are right later.

I worked all week this week, it'll be good for the paycheck but I'm feeling a bit wrecked at the moment. Joe, Ross, Rachel and I went out last night and met some nice theatre folk. It was a pretty good evening, but I think today I really want to stay at home in bed and watch movies. I looked through the videos that Donna left behind - there's some totally amazing stuff there!

There's some movies that I love and would be happy to watch again - Trainspotting, Alice in Wonderland, Empire Records and the like. Plus some Twin Peaks, which is always entertaining...
Some movies I have always meant to watch - Breakfast at Tiffany's, Thelma and Louise, Ed Wood, The Lost Boys.
And the golden three: Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and the Breakfast Club!

I'm very excited about the weekend. Going to take it easy and maybe make some things - I should get a lot done with no internet to distract me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What? And what else?

Hey, so apparently Brad Pitt was at my work yesterday having his photos taken for Rolling Stone. It was a completely closed set though, so I didn't get to see him. Once I thought about it, I realised that seeing him would not really affect my life in any way, so I guess I don't mind. Still, it's kinda neat.

What else? Ross and I have moved into Donna's old room, she and Kelli left on monday night. They must be in Oz by now, I hope they're enjoying the sun in sunny Melbourne! I guess it's more likely that they're zombie-fied with jetlag, but that'll pass eventually. I'm really glad to have gotten to know those girls a bit before they went, they are both lovely and made our transition to London so much easier!

Anyway, our new room is a big improvement on the old one - I'd say it's at least twice the size, with two wardrobes, a chest of drawers and a TV with a built in VCR - not to mention all the books and videos that Donna left behind. I don't think that'll do wonders for my social life, but never mind. And now we can start getting homey things - lamps and bedside tables and the like. I'm excited.

Aw, some bad news is that Ross had his last day at the recycling place today. Actually it's kind of good news, because hopefully his temp agency can get him something new and awesome pretty soon. I think the garbo folks were kind of jerks about it, though, Ross seemed a little bit down about it. They only told him this afternoon that he wasn't needed, so he didn't really see it coming. Plus being told that you're done at a temping place must feel a little bit like getting fired. Poor love. I'm glad he has to have tomorrow off, though, I think he could probably use the rest.

I think I'd really like a bean bag, or a big cushiony chair to put in our room. Ross is already asleep, so I'm on the floor on a pillow - it's less than ideal. Maybe that'll be my first sewing project - seems easy enough!

Also, I've been having this weird idea that everything smells kind of funny. You know when something just seems wrong, but you can't figure out what it could be? I'm not even sure if there is a smell, maybe it's just a figment of my crazy nose.
Who knows?

I won't write anything that terrible again. Promise.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Went out for drinks last night with the housemates who are leaving the country! (This photo is Cameron, who is not leaving the country yet. He's pretty funny, he seems like a combination of my old housemate Chris and my old bandmate Alwyn.)
There's not long to go for the girls, they're leaving Monday night! I think everyone has mixed feelings about it - they're sad to be leaving London, but excited to be going to Australia. We're a bit sad about losing half of our London friends in one go, but excited to have a real bedroom again! And Joe's excited to have a bedroom, full stop.

Other housemate Rachael is going to teach me to sew properly before she leaves in January, so that I can inherit her sewing machine. She has some sort of Arts/Fashion degree which included some dressmaking, so she's really quick at making amazing things! Maybe I can learn enough to sew my own wedding dress!

Ah yes, and I was wandering around Kentish Town after work the other day, and I saw these in a store window... Maja, as soon as you start having babies, I'm going to start buying them drumkits!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Now that I'm regularly checking flickr, I realise that every man and his dog takes beautiful shots of autumn colours. But heck, it's still a novelty for me...

And some pigeons...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just a short one...

Because my whinginess knows no boundaries, so I'll have to impose some.

Anyway, today I was supposed to go to a work meeting at 3pm. It was my day off, so I was a little bit irritated to have to go all the way in there, but it was compulsory, so whatever. When I got there, it turned out that the meeting had been cancelled, but no one bothered to call and let me know! So rude... The bar guy said that since I was the newest employee, they may not have had my number, but they definitely managed to call me to get me to come in early last week!
I'm kind of appalled at their lack of basic respect. It takes me about 45 minutes and 5 pounds to get there, it was my day off, I deserve better than that! I really hope I get the other job, I find it really difficult to work for people who don't bother looking after their store or employees. I guess I could learn to not care about working properly and become a slacker, but I really don't want to stoop to their level...

Grr. So much anger.


These are the photos that I was supposed to put up last night, but I didn't want to wake Ross. He had a pretty big night out on Sunday night, then worked Monday, then went out for curry, then came home and crashed! He had quite a nasty cough through the night, too, so I think he needs to take it easy...

Anyway! Photos!

This one is at the curry place, after the curry but before the birthday cake.

One of the many broken umbrellas - I really need to figure out how to use my camera to its fullest potential. So much unnecessary graininess...

Hey, I meant to mention this last night. Our street has some Christmas decorations up, but being Walthamstow, they're not as good quality as you'd hope. I think you can see the Christmas tree made of fairy lights over the street? There are supposed to be two of them, the other one has already gone out.

And that's all the good ones. I have to go to a work meeting at three, I might leave extra early and take the overground trains - I'll save some money and get to read more of my book!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good night!

We just had a really fun night out!

It was housemate Rachael's birthday, so we went to Brick Lane for curry. Wow, I thought I had more to say about it than that, but I guess the simple things in life can be pretty sweet.
Why was it so good?
Hmm, I went straight from work to dinner, so the food was extra amazing because I was so hungry!
Rachael's friend Stacey was really good at haggling. On Brick Lane, there are guys out the front of every door telling you how awesome their restaurant is. Stacey asked every one of them why we should go there - how many free bottles of wine? Would we get free dips and poppadums*? How much discount off food? She was great, we ended up with six free bottles of wine and 30% off dinner! And it was Rachael's favourite curry place, so all the food was really good!
It was nice to hang out with (nearly) all our housemates. They're all pretty awesome human beings, it's a bummer that Kelli and Donna are leaving next week. Luckily, they're having a going away party or two next weekend, possibly involving roast and karaoke. We really lucked out with these people...

There was rain today. Lots of it. I saw FIVE discarded umbrellas in various gutters around town. I really like that London will hit you with crappy weather, then destroy your means of coping with that weather. Plus broken umbrellas are pretty nice to look at...

What else? I really can't think of much. Work was okay, getting better, but still a bit of a demented place to be. Today I learnt that our boss Adam, who is in charge of the restaurant, is actually head lighting guy for the studio, and knows next to nothing about running a restaurant. It explains a lot.

Also, I finished my legwarmers! They are rather strange looking, but so warm and fluffy and sparkly. Hopefully I'll get the guts to wear them in public! If not, they'll become part of my happy-at-home comfort outfit - you know, when you wear all your favourite things at the same time. Unless maybe you never do that. You should though, it's pretty fun.

I'm thinking of buying some really thick knitting needles to make a scarf. The wool that I bought is quite nice and there's lots left - it's possible that you'll all get sparkly knitwear for Christmas. And you'll love it, I swear!

That's about all. Ross is sleeping at the moment, I'm not sure if I can put photos on here just yet... I'll edit and add them tomorrow!

*Golly gee whiz, how do you spell that word? Puppadums? Poppadoms? There's no justification for any one of those spellings over the others... Ha, the dictionary doesn't know either!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Okay kids, lock it in.

Wedding date = the weekend of 26th to the 28th of June!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sparkle sparkle!

Some real good things happened today!

First of all, sorry I didn't post back the other day, just in case you were checking up on me and my creative skills!
Instead of procrastinating all day, I went out and bought some sparkly wool, and some knitting needles.

Hmm, the sparkles aren't as visible as I'd hoped...

Anyway, I knitted this much leg warmer! Now it's just a matter of finishing it, then knitting another one - I'm pretty excited about the idea of me in sparkly legwarmers, so hopefully I'll stick at it!

And that was my day off! Woke up yesterday to the news that Obama won! So very awesome! And there's a real buzz in the air - I was walking to work and a complete stranger said "Think positively! Obama! Yeah!" It was nice. I love that everyone is so excited, and so ready to be vocal about it!

I worked yesterday and today, and I'll admit that each day is easier than the one before it. I still don't think those guys have a sound business ideology though.
Example: Last night (Wednesday night) was my first real shift. I did one trial shift prior to that. So, Nathaniel (my favourite trainer) decided he needed to go home for some "emergency bill paying" and left me to close up. How does that make sense? I understand, sometimes emergencies happen, but it didn't seem like he was stressed or anything, he just casually told me he was leaving! It all turned out okay in the end, but it's not great, is it?

Anyway, I closed last night, opened this morning, and was quite tired by the end of the day. My new shoes are a bit rough on my feet and I was really relieved to get home. Then I got a phone call from the coffee place in Brick Lane where my friend Dan used to work when he lived here! I applied there weeks ago, but they're looking for people to work over Christmas, and I mentioned in my application that I'd be going to Iceland for the holidays.

Lucky for me, they mustn't have found anyone - I have an interview there tomorrow! I think I may have sounded a bit weird on the phone, the guy asked me if I had a job, and I said "Yeeees, but it's not really working out for me". Probably not the best first impression to make, but I was pretty excited by the prospect of maybe working there. Hopefully that'll work in my favour.

After that I checked my emails, and Kristinn should be able to wiggle his flights around so he can come to our wedding! Yay!

On an unrelated note, this is the teapot Anna mentioned in my comments. Such a pretty thing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is a tiny rocking horse that Jade sent me. I like it.

I have been having a pretty uneventful time, so I haven't really had anything to write. Because the roster for this week was already written when I started, I'm not working again until tomorrow, so I've had several days off to get things done. But there isn't really anything urgent that needs doing - we've sorted the lease, I have a job, I got my national insurance number, and I did washing yesterday - so I'm just hanging out! It's a tough life :)

Anyway, I'd like to make something. But what? There are so many options! My housemate Rachel has a sewing machine, and I think she said she also has a bunch of fabric that I can use, so I might try to make some clothes. I'd like some legwarmers and other warm things, maybe I should figure out how to knit while I'm at it.
Ross' computer has garage bands, which is a program for making music, so I could write an awesome song... Actually my ability to write an awesome song is unproven at this point, but there's no time like the present!
I could go out and take some photos with my nice camera, and that would have the added bonus of giving me something interesting to post here later!
I could start writing my novel, although I don't have anything that resembles a starting point. I could go out and find a starting point instead.

Yes, today should be a day for doing things! In that case, I guess I'll stop writing and start doing! Check back later to see what I accomplished!