Monday, October 13, 2008

What's going on? Not much...

My last few days have been pretty samey; I've been dividing my time between looking for work and doing everything in my power to avoid looking for work. I'm a procrastinator at heart.
So here's some random photos and words...

Ah, Mr Krona. Not doing so well, are you? I'd like to learn more about how economics works. It's such a weird idea, that money can be worth more or less depending on how many people have it... Come to think of it, it's weird that money is worth anything at all!
Also strange is that this is a one krona coin that was loose in my bag, which got stuck to the magnet on my camera case. I thought money wasn't made of metal that sticks to magnets - none of the other coins I've tried were, anyway.

This is the backstage room at the Louisiana in Bristol. I liked it. Ross said that he had been thinking about taking the exact same photo, but didn't. Who's laughing now?
Probably no one.

Anyway, we've gotten the wireless internet working in our house. It was very high tech, Ross copied the password off the modem and then typed it in. He's quite the IT guy.
Ooh, speaking of which, we saw Richard Ayoade from The IT Crowd and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. He was at our show in London, but I'm not sure if he saw us play or not.

I don't think anything needs to be said.

I got a letter from Bridget and one from Jade, too! If you think this post is disjointed and weird, you should see the letter I tried to write back to Jade - there's no editing and rewriting in letters, so it's a rambly confusing mess. I hope she likes it.

This next picture is for Bridget, it reminds me of a Redfern party where she made everyone choose which they liked better, prawns or cheese. I was on the side of cheese, as was Bridget (from memory), but Karen chose prawns. Now there can finally be an end to the fighting - together at last, in a tube.

And then after I took this photo, I realised you can buy rækjuostur in the Icelandic bakery. There's probably a long history of prawns and cheese together, that I hadn't even been aware of until now. I'm glad the veil has been lifted.


Northern musings said...

Hey - great post - loved it. And thank you thank you thank you for the letter - so great - you are a wonderful correspondent and now I shall have to see if I can emulate you - need to find some colouring in pencils - I think I have crayons somewhere....
Have fun - work will come...

Anonymous said...

I'm having real difficulty commenting. Your blog is fantastic! Keep up the good work. You'll find a job mum

Maja said...

I love this post!

Hey love that photo of the krona. Well done! I think it's strange that money is worth stuff too. I like to think of it this way: time is money. So free time is like having money. Kinda.

Procrastination is great. I'm doing it right now. But also catching up on some of my favourite ladies.. two birds with one stone.

How cool that you saw that guy from Garth Merenghi and the IT crowd! I just looked him up on google to check he was who I thought he was and he was born the same year as me! Which makes me realise, I'm old.

Ross is so tech-savvy!

Yay prawns and cheese. I go more for cheese myself. I don't like prawn flavoured stuff much, but I do like fresh prawns.

Maja said...

PS. Damn the word verfication! I always get it wrong. I think you should lose it.

olga said...

Changed it, just for you!
I didn't even realise I had word verification on, or how annoying it is. That's probably why it's so difficult for mum to comment, too - sorry mum!

I like your theory on money and free time, maja! It's so obvious, but I'd never thought of it like that before. I'm rich!

Northern musings said...

Hey that means I will be rich come January... Yay for unemployment

Bridget said...

hey olga!! yay a comment