Saturday, October 4, 2008

What a day!

Okay, so now we're living in E17 (woo!) and are staying in a house with a bunch of people. And we're playing a show on Sunday in Leeds, which is about 3-4 hours out of London. We've finally sorted out hire cars and such, so I'm looking forward to playing again.

This morning our gear arrived from the freighting place, which was good, but it arrived an hour earlier than it was supposed to, which was bad. Joe was going to come round and help us lug nearly 300kg of instruments up 3 flights of stairs, but he was too late and missed out. We managed okay without him, though...
I took a photo of the clutter in my room, too, but looking at it just upsets me, so I won't subject you guys to it. Can't wait to have space again!

After carrying gear up to our room and tetris-ing it into the space next to the bed, I checked my emails and waited for Joe to come over. I got an email from my lovely friend Fiona, and while I was replying the doorbell rang - it was Joe (surprise surprise) and also a delivery guy with a pretty package (actual surprise). It was a box of cupcakes from the very same Fiona and her boyfriend Steve. It was like how you can get flowers delivered overseas, but with delicious and beautiful cupcakes! It came with a congratulations on engagement card, and it was amazingly lovely and thoughtful, and those guys are great. They're almost too pretty to eat, but they're also really tasty. Here's a picture!

There's a bit of a nibble taken out of that bottom yellow star one, but I figure they still look amazing!

After that we decided to go to Primark, which is a super cheap clothing chain that's been highly recommended by quite a few people. Well, I decided, then bullied Joe and Ross into coming with me. Sounds very straightforward, but it turned into quite an adventure, thanks to the joy that is the public transport system.

There's a Primark in Hackney, which is two overground train stops away from where we are... Being the person that I am, I paid for a ticket, and Ross did too. Joe is a bit financially challenged at the moment, so he didn't pay - we were assured by the girls we live with that there's a very minimal chance of getting caught. However, today, they were running a drug raid on the entrance to Hackney Downs, so there were about 15 police officers, a drug sniffing dog and six or seven transit police waiting to meet us.

Joe almost charmed the lady out of giving him a fine by telling her he'd just got to London today (while I frantically avoided eye contact, as I'm a terrible liar). Unfortunately, she couldn't let him off with all the police officers around. It sucks, because he was trying to scrimp on £1.60, and instead he had to pay £20. Crime doesn't pay.

So anyway, we went to Primark, I bought some thermals and stockings and a new towel, and it cost about $30. I think the shop was maybe a bit hyped up, but apparently there's a huge one somewhere that might be worth a look in at a later date. £1 t-shirts, anyone?

Went back to the station, where there was a train waiting with its doors open, so we ran into it, except it didn't leave. Waited a little longer, still didn't leave. Then the driver announced over the intercom that a lorry drove into the bridge just down from where we were, so they didn't want to drive a train over it until they'd checked the damage. Sensible, but annoying. Take some risks, National Express! Live a little!

There was a train going the other way which took us to Seven Sisters. It's a combined overground/underground stop right on the Victoria line, which goes right to our house! Awesome, except that the Victoria line had just closed for weekend repairs. There were no direct replacement buses, so we spent the next hour or so trying to catch a bus home - it all seemed more complicated than it had to be, but we met a nice girl who helped us out a bit.

And then we finally arrived home! Exhausting day, but full of adventures and getting stuff done, plus a beautiful treat from a couple of awesome friends.


Northern musings said...

What a day!! Crime does not pay - particularly in London... Poor Joe, Hope the gig goes/went well. Can´t wait to come and visit you one day - am missing London and I don´t think that I have been to E17... have fun guys

geezer squeezer! said...

sweet! tell joe we'll put 20 squid in his next birthday card.bless him.
its starting to warm up here (in the bush).youre buying thermals,im ironing my speedo's.

Maja said...

Wow! Those cakes look so awesome! I want one. Sounds like it might have been quicker to walk home. Maybe you guys should get bikes!

Crime totally doesn't pay. One time Valdi's girlfriend gave her ticket to someone else after it was checked but then someone else wanted to check it and she didn't have it and got fined. Even helping out doesn't pay.

Kristinn said...

Aw man, I remember when me and Joe got caught here without a ticket and he pretended to be Norwegian. And it didn't work.

olga said...

Hey yeah... I remember that! Bit of a hobby of his, isn't it?