Thursday, October 9, 2008

Touring and awesome-ness!

We played some shows. They were really good. Here's some photos. They're not as good, but they'll do.

First show with Pivot was in Leeds on Sunday, which I already talked about... The room was a weird shape, so the sound kind of bounced off the walls in a funny way. Maybe I should learn something about acoustics terminology...

Ross and Andy settling their differences the old fashioned way - drum contest.

This is backstage at the 100 club in Soho, where we played on Tuesday. It's quite a historical club - used to be a jazz club, and then it became a punk club, and now it does both. Everyone who's anyone has played there, and there's tonnes of old photos on the walls. Except in the backstage area, where there's just graffiti.

We got some great weather the last couple of days, especially once we got out of the greyness of London. This is out the window on the way to Bristol - after I took my turn sitting in the back with no windows, I was greeted with beautiful English countryside. Aw.
This is one of the bonuses of touring - when else would I have gone to Bristol?

I tried to find some good photos of Pivot playing, but I still haven't figured out how to take good band shots, so I don't have any... I'll add that to the list of things I need to learn how to do - up there with sewing and being a librarian.

And finally, THIS!

I bought it from H+M. Possibly the best thing I've ever paid money for...


Maja said...

Wicked jumper! It's so you.

I think those are great photos.

You're doing so well with the blogging, it's awesome!

olga said...

Yeah, I was looking for sensible jackets in H+M, and then Ross pointed the hoodie out to me!
I'm thinking of getting a telemarketing job just so that I can wear it alll the time... That and nail polish! I think I need to artificially introduce colour to my London life, to keep my life as sunny as Perth!

Northern musings said...

Thats a really nice hoody Olga. Keep up the blogging...

Maja said...

Ja go the polish!