Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today was a good day!

Wow, it just got cold all of a sudden! The weather today looked really sunny and beautiful, but luckily I checked the forecast before I left the house - maximum temperature was 10 degrees. Also, apparently there's snow in Scotland! Can't wait til the London streets are filled with pure white fluffiness, which quickly becomes dirty brown sludginess.

In other news, Ross is working! He got hired by a temping agency, they seem to cover a whole range of jobs. Last Friday he worked in the mail room of Warner Brothers, this week he's a recycling bin man. It's only 8:30pm, but recycling bin man is asleep already as he started work just before seven this morning.
And also, I almost have a job! I had an interview today at a restaurant attached to a photography studio - it'll just be waitressing and making coffees, but at least it's an interesting environment. It isn't confirmed yet, but as long as I don't burn the place down on my trial shift, I should be okay.

My trip to the interview was kind of funny. I decided to leave the house two whole hours before I had to be there, just to be on the safe side, but I figured I'd just get to the area really early and hang out. Instead, I spent an hour and three quarters waiting for trains, then getting on the wrong ones... Got there just in the nick of time, and I had no extra time to fret and worry about the interview! It all worked out for the best, I guess.

Then my day continued to get better - I went to an Oxfam and bought two books for 60p each: Diary by Chuck Palahniuk (I think it's my favourite of his books, although I can't actually remember what happens), and an old penguin one about some guy whose face is disfigured. It just looked kind of random and cool, and gave me something to read on the Tube.
On my way home I went through the shopping centre and bought a pair of shoes for eight pounds! Yay! They're just plain flat black shoes, but comfortable and will go with everything. Black shoes are right up there on the list of 'Things I didn't pack that I wish I did'. Hmm, maybe if you guys want to get me a Christmas present, you can just send me things I already own!

It's Guy Fawkes day soon (on the 4th or 5th? My Aussie housemates don't know, either), so you can buy fireworks from the shop down the road! I can hear some going off now - I guess if you had a bag of fireworks looking at you, it'd be hard to restrain yourself. I don't think I'll buy any, I'll save my sprengigle├░i* for Icelandic New Year.
It's also Halloween on Friday. I'm not sure whether people celebrate it in a big way over here. There's quite a lot of pumpkins at the supermarket. I think food sculpture is underrated. There should be food sculptures for every holiday! Anyway, re: Halloween, I don't know if I should buy lollies or not. I don't want to make the chillens all sad, and I definitely don't want them throwing things at my house. Then again, our house is in a shopping mall, so I doubt people would come knocking here anyway. Maybe I'll buy some lollies for me instead!

Another reason why today was good - I bought the tastiest pomegranate ever! It was just the right amount of sweet and sour. I'm so easily pleased. Good times.

*Sprengigle├░i is an awesome Icelandic word that I only learnt recently - it translates as 'the joy of blowing things up'. So good.


Maja said...

Yay for jobs! Sounds like things are going great for you guys.

Those black shoes sound great. I have a couple of black shoes I like - my mary jane style ones with the star on one and moon on the other and my black boots. But I'm more of a trainers gal, I tend to wear my onitsuka tigers or adidas shoes out more than any other shoes.

It's a good thing you left so early for the interview. It's a good idea giving yourself so much time. I don't tend to do that much these days but I don't have strict deadlines to get anywhere in Perth most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Congratulations Ross on your job. Hope all goes well with yours Olga. Where is it? If you want me to send stuff tell me what to send. Love you lots Mum.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to write that word on my arm so that I may learn it and bring it up in conversation.

- Anna, forgot my gmail password.

Northern musings said...

Brilliant Olga - glad you two are getting work. If the photography place doesn´t work then perhaps you should sign up at a temp agency too. Never in the same place is always good. So where is the job - which snobby suburb???

olga said...

Maja: Yeah, I'm usually stupidly early for stuff, so I'm glad it paid off this once. I'd love it if it turns out I can wear sneakers to this job, but I'll wait and see...

Sigga: The nearest Tube stop is Kentish Town, but I'm not sure if it's the suburb that's snobby, or just photographers and models...

Temping would be a good extra option, too, I might look into the place where Ross works.

Mum: That's alright, there's nothing I can't buy again. I also realised that the stuff I want is the really heavy annoying stuff, and I refuse to get that posted!

Anna: Ah yes. Apparently Icelanders have it more than others...