Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prom, Ross and Job-hunting.

Oooh, I got Firefox and now the pictures work again...

But before I talk about my life here, take a look at how my life back home was this past weekend... Boysboysboys prom photos!
Those guys look amazing, and who could have been a better prom band? I miss them lots! And I miss getting all pretty and hanging out with lovely ladies (and gents)! I guess I could still dress up here, but really, when was the last time I did that of my own accord? No, I need the peer pressure.

I'm glad B decided to wear the Alpha Female dress, she got it in an opshop and it looks amazing!

Cool. So back to London, where it's starting to get a little bit cold and I was going to say grey, but Ross corrected me. It's still pretty sunny, but jackets are definitely required. Two of my housemates, Donna and Kelli are moving back to Australia in mid-November, and I believe they're leaving most of their winter coats behind! That's really good because I've been looking for the perfect coat to buy, but I just haven't found it yet. Now there's no rush, I'll have plenty of warm things to wear while I'm looking.

Okay. Guest Post - you've been waiting for it - Here's Ross!

i don't really know what olga has told you but here i go

We are not doing much because we don't have much money and our Australian moneys aren't really worth anything over here. So day to day activities involve looking for jobs. I am trying to get similar work to what i did back in Perth (Forklift stuff) but have not received the certificate that proves i can drive one, so that is sort of becoming a problem. I have an interview today, So I hope it goes well.

Olga and I both got bank accounts the other day and have an appointment for a National Insurance Number tomorrow, these things help in getting jobs so i guess we are half way there.

I am enjoying London, So many things always happening even if you don't have money you can amuse your self with the ranting and raving of our neighbours. We line in Walthamstow which it seems is a little bit in the ghetto, this makes for cheap rent.
Out the back of our house across the alley way is a block of flats that are inhabited by polish squatters who are quite vocal, not that i understand anything they say. they might not even be polish? but they like to throw all their trash out the window into the alley way. To the right are a black couple who seem to always arguing and calling the cops on each other, sounds like they have a solid relationship. Also everytime you hear a siren you can't help but get the theme song for the bill stuck in your head.
We also have a squirrel in the tree outside.

Olga has probably told you about our room or shoebox, Our mattress has dodgy springs which poke into my ribs which cause me to have dreams about being stabbed. Pretty awesome. We have a T.V where the picture is blue, it's very soothing. calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean. One corner of the room is dedicated to a tetris styled heap of musical equipment. I love Tetris I hold a high score against my brother Jesse and 'someone' still owes me money for that. They know who they are.

I don't know what else I can tell you. Please feel free to comment on this blog and ask questions and Olga and i will do our best to answer them.

Oh yeah I know it sounded like i was complaining about my room size, but at least i don't live under the stairs like Joe (ahahahahaha)

And on that note, Ross has gone to take a photo of Joe's nook under the stairs. See, Joe will eventually live in this house when our housemates' lease is up, but in the meantime he's been staying here because his grandma's house in Slough is too far away... He was sleeping on Kelli's floor, but I think she wanted her room back.

So, what else? I ended up getting the bank account under my Australian name, I hope that doesn't cause problems in the long run. The bank lady said she could change the name if it becomes an issue, but she sort of talked at me like I was an idiot for even worrying about it. Grr. And she's the one who said I shouldn't even bother trying to get an account as an Icelander. She is not my favourite.
On the plus side, the Fastrack stuff we did really did make it easier to get an account. It was like paying money somehow erased the need for all the proof of ID and work and address that you normally have to wade through.

Okay, I'm going to go do some job hunting again today. I know, I'll go out and find some amazing Icelandic bookstore with a cool music section, and another section entirely devoted to kittens. That sounds like a neat job!


Maja said...

Hey I met a friend of a friend the other night who actually grew up in Walthamstow (and his parents still live there). He's been in Australia for two years but is probably coming back to england around christmas and wants to look you guys up. Nice guy.

From everything I've been reading it's probably best to get the account in your australian name for now because the tension between icelandic and british government is pretty high right now.

Good luck with the job hunting!

olga said...

Aw cool. We're going to Iceland just before Christmas, but if we're still here, he should come round for a cup of tea and a biscuit... Or maybe some vegemite toast, depending on where his loyalty lies.

Got some replies to applications today, so I'm making progress! Yay!

Northern musings said...

Loved the post Ross, well done! keep it up guys! I like Joe´s room - how much rent are you charging him - you will need to work out rent per metre so that he pays his way....