Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I just realised that most of my titles end with ellipses...

I had to look up the word for those three dots, but I'm pretty sure I've at least heard the word before.

Played a show in Leeds on Sunday night, it went really well considering it was our first show in ages. We played with Pivot, an Australian band who live... well, nowhere at the moment, they've been on tour since early this year! They were really friendly guys, they lent us their gear and said they could give us some contacts in London. We're playing with them in Soho tonight, and tomorrow night in Bristol, and they offered to drive our gear there for us! I guess it's not too hard for them to do, they're driving there anyway and have room in their van, but still, it's a pretty cool thing to do.

Actually, on that note, lots of people here have been a lot friendlier and more helpful than I would have thought. Our housemates, who are all friends of friends (at most) have been going out of their way to be awesome, or maybe they're just that awesome to begin with, and don't even have to try. I guess I'm quite down on humanity in general, but when I think about it, most of the people I've met recently have been great.

Anyway, Ross drove to Leeds in our hire van, and we did really well on the way there. We drove to Cambridge the night before and stayed at Andy's, which was nice and cut down our driving time a little bit. On the way home, however, we got lost in every way imaginable - we drove north for a while, then turned around and tried to get back to Leeds, then got lost in Leeds and couldn't find the road out of there! We stopped and asked for directions and got lost again, then stopped again at a pizza place run by the nicest man in Leeds - he closed his shop, got in his car, and drove to the M62 so we could follow him! If it weren't for that man, we'd probably still be there.


Northern musings said...

Ohh that's just so great - I reckon you guys get so much positiveness because you all excude niceness!! glad that the gig went well and that you are having such a great time there. I await your next post and pictures with baited breath... (I also tend to end my sentences with the three dot thing. Isn´t it sort of a sign that we want to say more but don´t want to bore people?)

Maja said...

Wow, I didn't know dot dot dots were called ellipses. Fascinating!

I agree with Sigga. Niceness begets niceness. I like to think that I have great faith in humanity, of course it's not always true of me. But your situation reinforces the view for now!

olga said...

I like that theory of why we use the dots... Wanting to say more, and wanting the conversation and exchange of ideas to NEVER END!