Friday, October 31, 2008

I forgot about the part where hard work is hard...

Hey, so I had my trial today at Spring Studios, the photography studio/restaurant in Kentish Town. It went pretty well, but gosh darnit, I feel really unfit. I mean, I used to stand for ages at a time while working at Dome, but after today I am knackered! It's a good kind of knackered, though... Especially now that I'm sitting down.

It seems like a pretty interesting place to work. The morning was spent getting breakfast for the fancy people in the studios - models, photographers, crew. It was pretty neat. Then came the lunch rush, which was apparently really quiet, but still kind of stressful. I guess it always is until you learn what you're doing. Plus I'm not convinced that the guy who was trained me is any good at training people. There were a few vague unhelpful directions, and a couple of conflicting ones, too. And on top of that, he sat down and had breakfast at 11ish, but neglected to let me do the same. Bummer.

But yeah, overall it was alright. I've got some shifts next week, it'll be so good to start earning the pounds!

Ack, I'm feeling really sentimental and a little bit homesick tonight. Everyone else is going out to Halloween parties, but I think it'll be nice to have a bit of time on my own. Maybe I'll have a bath! For anyone who's unaware, I think baths are the ultimate in luxury. To justify that amount of water, you have to spend at least an hour or two in there, which is an hour or two that you set aside for just sitting and thinking and being warm. Sounds good.

Okay, I'm going to finish up and write more later. Maybe I'll take some photos for it...


Maja said...

Hmmm, it's good that you feel sentimental and homesick. Imagine if you didn't miss home at all. That wouldn't be good, I don't think.

I was at work so i didn't go to a halloween party. I walk-ran home, did a load of washing and hung it out, got a takeaway dinner and drank a couple of ciders and watched the rest of season 3 of weeds. All on my own. Though that's the way I like it.

I haven't enjoyed a bath for ages. I'm just too big for the regular sized bath. My boobs and most of my legs stick out and I get cold. When we redo the bathroom that has a bath I want a really big deep bath so I can actually enjoy it. Jason loves a good bath, he takes a glass of wine (or a bottle), books and magazines.

Great news about the job! Many people are rubbish trainers. Nevermind, at least you've got work now.

Northern musings said...

As you know - I love my bath. Everyone should have a bath like mine!