Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some photos from London!

A lion at Trafalgar Square.

Joe and Ross!

Ross and Joe!

Also, I have an alarming number of photos of pigeons, but they're not here. I'll put them on flickr or something, just in case you guys love pigeons as much as I apparently do.

So anyway, we're in Cambridge at the moment, staying with Andy again until we can move into our house. We took a walk today to look around, it was very pretty. Great weather, too, it's been quite sunny and warm for the last few days!

This is King's College. And Ross and Andy.

And a canal. We decided to go punting and got a boat to ourselves. There were also uni-student captains available, which is a pretty good option, but we had some fun on our own...

Andy enjoying some time off. He's on Ramadan at the moment, so he's a bit sleep-deprived and hungry these days. Still has time to befriend ducks, though.

And here's Ross, being the captain. We all had a go at driving, but Ross was definitely the best. I had to let go of the pole when it got stuck in some rocks, but we got it back! That's the good news.
The bad news is Ross dropped his engagement ring, and we didn't get it back. Boo. Oh well, maybe someone will find it and it will make them as happy as Ross makes me.


Northern musings said...

Oh no, poor Ross, he looks very good on the pole thing - perhaps there are some venetian genes in him and his great great great great grandad was a great great great gondolier!!! Love the photos.

Maja said...

Ross has an engagement ring too? Well not anymore. That's too bad. Looks like you guys are having fun there. Good to see.

geezer squeezer! said...


geezer squeezer! said...

gday love, glad to see you guys are having fun :)

ross is a talented,maliable young doubt he will whittle a new engagement ring the next time he's feeling creative.hes just that kinda guy.
give him a squeeze for me.he does look kinda macho on the pole...

tip:darlin,those pigeons are absolutely riddled with disease. avoid them at all costs.
and kick them.its surprisingly satisfying.
stay safe my love

Anonymous said...

Ilove your blog. We're off to Melbourne tonight. Keep blogging so we can live your lives. Lots of love. Millie's mum