Monday, September 22, 2008

The Last of Iceland...

Well, we're in Cambridge now, staying with Snowman's very own career man Andy. It's so good to see him again, and we're all really looking forward to freaking England out with our live shows...

But first, here's our last couple of days in Iceland, in photo form!

On Saturday Kristín took us to the big three tourist attractions near Reykjavik - Geysir, Gullfoss and Þingvellir. This picture is the pool at Þingvellir where they used to drown witches and women who had babies out of wedlock. Tourists throw coins in it now, and it looks like a lovely place to swim.

Really pretty photo of Þingvellir, and an example of the weirdness of perspective in Iceland. Doesn't that look like a toy car?

Ross is all noble at Þingvellir.

And me, too.
Oh yeah, so just in case you were wondering, Þingvellir is a huge historical site in Iceland. They made parliament there in 930AD, which was before anyone else did. It's where they decided to accept Christianity in the year 1000, and it's where they formally became independent in 1944. And it's now a protected national park, and also really pretty.

One of the upshots of rapidly changing weather brought about by the remnants of Cyclone Ike - a real pretty rainbow.

Gullfoss, which translates as Golden Falls (tee hee). It's quite big and pretty and um... waterfall-y.
And unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Geysir. It rained sideways while we were there, but that doesn't really translate into good photos!

On Sunday morning we went to the Blue Lagoon on the way to the airport. It was quite lovely, except for the part where it hailed... Actually, that was kind of nice, too.

And here's Ross at the airport. We got there pretty early, so we played some mini-chess. As you do.

Going into London tomorrow to find a place to live! Everything's finally happening! Yay!


Northern musings said...

You guys are brilliant!! and I think that your mother should overcome her comment anxiety or whatever... Anyway, looks like the weather wasn´t too bad at þingvellir. No major rain storms and Gullfoss looks better than the last three times that I was there... So, about bláa lónið.. big bath, lots of people, lots of psoriasis.....

Maja said...

Cool photos! The weather makes it all look very pretty.

Aw Sigga... that's gross about the psoriasis and the blue lagoon!

Northern musings said...

the truth always hurts

olga said...

Oh my god, psoriasis! Actually, I found some really slimy mud towards the edges, which at first I thought was some kind of health giving mud. Then I thought maybe it was just all the gross flaky skin from all the manky tourists. Especially the ones who don't shower properly.

And yeah, the lighting makes photos look quite nice. Another benefit of crazy weather!

sigga showing unnur said...

I am trying to teach your mum how to comment