Friday, September 5, 2008

I have a blog!

Will this be my only post? Who knows? Here's some photos!

We're in Sauðárkrókur now, no cities allowed! It's the lovely little town in the north of Iceland that my Mum grew up in, andwhere most of her extended family still lives. This is extremely lucky for Ross and I, because we're being spoilt by my Aunt Sigga and Kristín Amma.

Ross thinks that Iceland is fun, but that fish heads are kind of stinky and unappealing.

He's been adjusting really well to the culture shock of Sauðárkrókur, and is quite content to sit and drink cup after cup of coffee while my various great aunts speak Icelandic at him. Ooh, also, has everyone heard that he's my fiancé now? It is a great thing. He is my favourite.

Amma's kitty Snotra is really cute. She was Anna's cat when Anna was in Iceland in 1999, but now she's Amma's baby. I don't think she liked me last time I was here, but now I've learnt the Maja method of winning over kitties: flip them upside down! And funnily enough, now we're great friends.

There are wild blueberries here, and we've arrived just at the end of an amazing season! I've been in Iceland before, but these are the best berries I've ever seen - there are so many of them, and they taste great. It makes it really hard to leave the berry patch (berjamó), because there are always more berries to pick!
This photo is mostly for my mum!

Not only are there wild blueberries, my grandma also has strawberries growing in her back garden. After breakfast (usually Cheerios and strong coffee), I've been going out and hunting for the last couple of berries left in the patch. So good.

We climbed a mountain! This is us on the top of Molduxi, which is 706m high and sits just to the west of Sauðárkrókur. If you can enlarge the photo, you can maybe see the town in the background.

As a side note, Sigga just looked up 'Molduxi' in the dictionary; it means 'a short fat man', or 'a scruffy child'. Gold.

And this is my ring, from the aforementioned engagement. Ross bought it while we were in Australia, and brought it to Iceland to propose. Aw.
And on that note, I'll finish up... Maybe I'll get in the habit of writing, and send y'all more photos soon!


Maja said...

Woohoo!!! The ring is so beautiful! Congratulations you two :)

Great first post. Awesome photos! Keep it up gal and don't be afraid to talk about just about anything. I didn't realise you'd started a blog until I noticed I had a follower. You're my first follower! I'll follow you too :)

Jon Erik said...

Hi Olga,

Erin & I, Rubee & Ava are so happy for you two. (Ava's your new cousin) She's beautiful. Ross is a great guy and he's lucky to have you. Give him our best and remind him I have an Army know, hand to hand combat, big knives and nasty friends. That's just in case he forgets to look after you and stuff. ha ha. We can't wait for the wedding, make sure you give us some notice so we can prepare etc. Sounds like your both enjoying Iceland, that's great. We are planning a trip in a few years maybe when Ava's three. Ava was born on the 29th of Aug and weighed 4kgs (9 lbs) she was 53cm long and as healthy as can be, same as Erin. She sleeps and drinks and sleeps and drinks etc. Which is just what she should be doing. Your Olga Amma is here at the moment to meet Ava and she says hi too. Anyway, I love your blog, keep it going. Love you always, Jon Erik, Erin, Rubee & Ava Grace xxx PS-I was a virgin blogg poster until now

Valdi said...

Congrats on the engagement.... you crazy kids :) I hate seeing other peoples pics of iceland, reminds me how badly I want to go back!

Take care,