Monday, December 29, 2008

Time just blurs together on holidays...

I'm sure we've done many things over the past few days, just need to remember and order them all...

So we went to see some choirs the other night, and I had way more fun than I thought I would! There was one called Kammerkór, which was awesome and made up almost 50% by my relatives. They sang Christmas and New Year's songs from all around the world (but all with Icelandic lyrics), and it was really interesting to hear the contrasts... The Icelandic carols seem to tend towards the dramatic and dark. For example, they sang to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - la la, all happy and poppy. This was followed by an Icelandic one that might be called Jólasveinar gang' um gólf*, which was great. It's got a really interesting melody, Italicand they did these amazing harmonies with it too. It's pretty neat.

*Hmm, I just tried to find it on YouTube, but couldn't. May have to buy a Christmas CD - I guess they'd all be on special now!

What else? Yesterday we went out to Tunga and played whist with my great-uncle Þóri. He runs the farm with my great-uncle Andrés, but whereas Andrés has a house in town, Þóri just lives up at Tunga all year round. I imagine it could get a little lonely up there, but he seems pretty happy - I think he likes the quiet. He reads a lot, and every once in a while people like us invade his house, drink his coffee and make him teach us to play cards! Amma taught us the rules for real whist, which is apparently different from the félags-whist we played when we were kids... It seems to involve more cheating (by talking about your cards and strong suits) and more opportunities for gambling! Good times.

Today the priest came over to Amma's house for coffee and to talk about my Christening.
Yes. Christening. Some backstory: I was raised Baptist, where they dedicate you to the church when you're a baby, but there's no water involved until you choose to be Baptised (hence the name). The church here is Lutheran - to be married here, I have to be Christened.
Luckily, the priest here has kindly agreed to come round to Sigga's house tomorrow night to do it for me! It's a bit of a weird situation, but I feel much better about it having talked to the priest. She seems really nice and laid-back. Also, she'll be the priest that marries us in summer, so I'm really glad to get to know her a bit...

So anyway, tomorrow is my birthday! And also the day of my Christening (I'm not sure whether that word needs a capital, so I'm erring on the side of caution)! And also, I think we'll go out and buy some fireworks for New Year's!
And finally, they're forecasting snow for tomorrow evening! Yay!

Wow, too much excitement and therefore exclamation marks. I'll cut back in the future maybe...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pyjama day!

Which is what Boxing Day is now called. C'mon, I just said what everyone was thinking... Luckily, one of the few items of clothing I brought over was my dress that turned out to be pyjamas, so I'm all set.

What did we do today? Ross got all handy and put up some Christmas lights out the front of Amma's. The party poopers among you might point out that it's already the 26th of December, but there's always time to be festive! It was supposed to be done before Christmas, but the weather was too stormy.

Today was lovely, really clear and cold. Ross and I went for a walk round lunchtime to get some cigarette papers, and the sunrise was really pretty. The sky was all rosy, and the snow on the mountains was almost pink in places... I'm hoping it stays nice tonight, then maybe we'll be able to see the Northern Lights.

As I say, it was pretty cold!

Um, and here's Ross dangling from the trapdoor at Amma's house...

What else did we do today? We played a game of chess, which Ross won. He beat me yesterday, too... Then we came to Sigga's and watched Flight of the Conchords. Mum and Dad gave it to Ross for Christmas, it is awesome!

Oh yeah and we started discussing wedding type plans... Reykir was booked for the weekend we had originally planned, so we're probably going to make it the weekend after - the 3rd to the 5th of July! Does that sound possible for everyone who wants to come? I hope so!

Hmm, I wonder how many strangers read my blog...

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Wow, let that be a lesson to you kids: If you forget to log out of your blog, someone might write a lovely Christmas post before you get the opportunity! That was my aunt Sigga, who (along with my Amma) has hosted a beautiful and cosy Christmas for us.

I just looked through all the photos I had on my camera, there is definitely some comedy gold on there, but I´ll try to keep it minimal here... The rest will go on my flickr, I promise!

I made kitty angry but luckily she was still cute.

Amma making the rice pudding. It was a really good one, too. She ran out of almonds, though, so we used a piece of rock sugar instead... It worked pretty well, Ross found it just before it melted completely, so he won some Yule-lad statues! Usually the prize is a box of Quality Streets, but I think this is a much better idea... Plus we had some Quality Streets anyway (see above), so it was all good.

Sigga´s house looks so good with all the lights and candles and Christmas decorations! And dinner was amazing as usual.

We even got snow, although there´s only a little bit at the moment! It´s really windy still, but it´s great to look outside and see white!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gleðileg Jól - Happy Christmas

a few christmas shots from Skógargata 5b

presents.... hopefully good

talking to the folks back home ... always good

ma - she is always good

Merry Christmas one and all.

After the ricecream porridge, church, lamb and opening of presents... we played taboo.... my new favourite game.................

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Iceland! Yeah!

Hey, we are back in Sauðárkrókur again! I´m writing this in Sigga´s lovely Christmassy house. There´s a little bit of snow outside, but most of it is brown and slushy... Apparently the beautiful snowfall of the past few days has been demolished by the rain and wind. Boo.
Still, we´re optimistic about a white Christmas - there´s plenty of time for some serious snow to fall.

We got into Iceland on Sunday afternoon and had a couple of days staying at my Aunt Matthildur´s in Reykjavík, which was lovely. We didn´t really do anything - spent the time sleeping in, eating and watching movies. The last week in London has been kind of exhausting, so it felt like we could finally just relax once we got here.

Got into Sauðárkrókur around 3.30ish and Amma made us coffee and cake, including brúnterta, which is my favourite! We then went to the craft shop with Sigga - it´s owned by Herdís, my mum´s cousin - and ran into several other relatives on the way. It feels pretty familial and cosy here, which I think is what everyone wants for Christmas, right?

My camera has run out of batteries, so no photos yet. I´ll charge it tonight, and take some festive pictures during one of the four daylight hours tomorrow!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shall I pike tonight?

(Pike, by which I mean cancel my plans to go out, not become a fish. Although that's always an option.)

I believe I probably will... It's our staff party tonight, but I am knackered, and also pretty sure I'm going to quit while I'm away. They are nice folks, I guess. I am not really in the mood for awkwardness or drinking, though, and I think tonight would involve either one or the other, if not both.

Whoa - side note of weirdness. I'm on facebook at the moment, and I'm having two conversations: one in Icelandic, with my cousin Ásgeir, and also one in English, with Anna's boyfriend Dean. My brain is about to split in two...

Also, there are some girls singing along to celine dion next door. It is really loud.

Anyway, side notes over. I did a little bit of Christmas shopping today. Sorry in advance, dudes, I completely missed the deadline for sending things to arrive in time. I think it was a couple of weeks ago... Don't worry though, my inability to get organised is not indicative of any decrease in feeling on my part - I still love y'all.

This is a photo from a flower market last week - so many Christmas trees. They're way cute. They look like they want hugging, but I guess they probably don't.

Ross worked for ages today, I think it must have been 12 or 13 hours, but he got paid for 14! Awesome! He has to work tomorrow, too, which is less awesome. I'm going to sleep in and then get some stuff done!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do you want to hear some of my newly-realised favourite words? Sure you do!


Crumble (mostly as in Apple or Blackberry, but also just a nice sounding word)

Flageolet (I think it's some kind of french bean, or maybe a bean dish)*

*Turns out it's a type of bean, and also a woodwind instrument. I love the internet.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not so nice day...

Actually, most of the day was good. I only have two standout stories of appalling-ness, and come to think of it, they were both conversations with chefs.

1. I walk into the kitchen in the morning.
Sous-chef Fabian says, "Wow, you got your hair cut!"
I say, "Yes, I did. Ross cut it for me."
He says, "Are you alright? You don't seem like your usual self today."
I am kind of touched, and say, "Yeah, I'm kind of stressed out about money and Christmas and various things... I'm feeling pretty crappy." (I cried this morning because of said worries)
He says, "Well, at least your insides match your outsides."
I say nothing, mouth gaping as I realise he just insulted my fiance, my hair and my emotional stability. Then I leave.

2. I'm talking to head-chef Keith.
Keith says, "Hey, you got your hair cut. Who did that, then?"
I say, "My boyfriend Ross. Pretty cool huh?"
He says, "Was he drunk at the time?"
I say, "No."
He says, "Are you sure?"
I say, "Yes." Then I leave.

But to end on a nice note... Everyone else at work was lovely. Even big scary boss-man and seemingly oblivious studio jerks a) noticed, and b) said nice things. And heck, I love my new hair, so whatever!

Plus, only 6 days to go!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I hung out with Erika yesterday, it was pretty awesome. We had curry in Brick Lane and looked at some op-shops, and then went out last night. There was some party on at Koko that I had two free passes to, but there ended up being four of us, so we went to my work in Kentish Town to get more tickets. However, the bar at work was really nice and warm, so we had some drinks there and ended up calling it a night!

Today we had lunch with Sarah who's helping us out over here. I don't think she wants to be our official manager, but she's getting us shows and organising tours and things like that. So when we get back from Iceland, it'll be time to do the band thing again.

We went to some markets in Shoreditch. I saw two awesome things:
1. A kid's bike made of wood, which looked cooler than it sounds,
2. A bunch of people playing polo on bikes instead of horses. It seemed like great fun!

Finally, everyone should read this great article about Iceland. It's really well written and quite uplifting. I'm really looking forward to going! One week!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Ross finally relented and cut my hair today! I've been asking him for ages, I'm convinced that hairdressing skills are innate, and he's definitely got it in his blood - his grandfather, father, uncle, aunt and brother are all hairdressers and barbers. He was understandably nervous, but I think he did an amazing job! I feel so light and free. Haircuts are awesome.

Also featured in these photos is my new stripey black-and-white dress that I got from Rachael's bag of free stuff! She later informed me that it's actually a nightie from Primark, which is an ultra cheap clothes store, kind of like Supre in Australia... I don't think that'll stop me wearing it though, it's a really cute dress!

Ross says: never ever cut your woman's hair, if you make the slightest mistake you know your head will be on the chopping block. Anyways back to ogdenville.

Hmm, what else? I'm feeling pretty great, it's the weekend, I'm meeting Erika for curry and market shopping tomorrow, one of my bosses invited me to some hipster party at Koko's tomorrow night, and we have a meeting with our new Snowman manager on Sunday (I'm not sure if that's quite confirmed, maybe that's what the meeting's about). Plus I got a cheque from work today, so I'll deposit that tomorrow morning and have money for lots of shopping next week!

Everything is pretty good.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Some photos!

Apparently up until recently, there was an EU law that restricted the sale of vegetables that were weird shapes. Every potato had to conform to rigid guidelines of potato-ness.

Luckily, with the recession they've decided to get rid of this rule - it's a complete waste of food when you think about it! And also, deformed vegetables bring much joy to my life.


Ross later made this into an amazing dinner. He's pretty good at that.

I looked at a few op shops on the way home from work today, and found an amazing dress! It fits really well and it was only four pounds! I tried to take a photo of it, but it didn't look that nice without me in it. And it's too cold to go taking off clothes just for a photo op. I'll show you guys later...

Work today was pretty funny. It was one of those days that could have been really stressful, but for some reason turned out okay. There was some sort of mix up in the kitchen and one chef called in sick, so there was no one in the kitchen until about 10am. Which might be okay, but I needed bread and croissants to make breakfast for the studios by 9am. By half past eight, I figured that I should probably just make the breakfasts myself - quite satisfying and not too difficult. So, food got out on time, chefs were grateful, I had a nice morning!

And also: it's a baby hippo!!

To finish - which is your favourite quality street?
Mine is definitely the yellow caramel coins. Ross doesn't know the flavours off by heart, for some reason. It's kind of weird - because we share so much of our lives now, I forget that Ross doesn't share all my childhood memories and traditions...

He's pretty great, though.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I woke up at one o'clock in the afternoon today! It was a long overdue sleep-in, and it was awesome...

Except that I just had breakfast, so I'm missing out on Ross' yummy lunch of steak sandwiches with fried capsicum, onion and tomatoes, with jarlsberg and seeded mustard. They're very impressive sandwiches.

Ross just burnt himself on the pan though, we have a pan with metal handle and it heats up as you're cooking! What is the point of that? Is it really bad design, or is there some really good reason for why you'd want a searing hot piece of metal as the handle? He said the pain was worth it though, the sandwich was as good as it looked.

Speaking of awesome sandwiches, we went to the Brick Lane markets last Sunday with Anja, and had some amazing Argentinian rolls from a guy on the street (by which I mean a street vendor, not a hobo). They were great, you could get steak, sausage or portobello mushroom , and they came with cheese and rocket and an amazing herb sauce.

Also, the markets themselves were pretty cool, I may have to go back there tomorrow and buy some cool things! There were lots of crafty stalls selling homemade jewelry and clothes, and some really nice food places. And because it's getting colder, they had mulled wine and hot apple cider, too. Very nice.
I can't wait to have money again! Finally getting paid next weekend, and it's about time! I need to start getting Christmas presents organised...

Oh yeah, and in my advent calendar today, my chocolate was shaped like a boot filled with presents! It was probably supposed to be a stocking, but it reminded me of the Icelandic christmas lads... I wonder if Ross would put presents in my shoes if I started leaving them in the window sill. May have to drop some hints - actually, he's reading over my shoulder right now, so if that isn't a hint, I don't know what is.

Friday, December 5, 2008


HELLO anyone, here are my answers, enjoy

the ballad of john and yoko

hot fun in the summertime

big fine woman

love like i


the mercy seat

orange wedge

shake, rattle and roll

WHAT IS 2+2?
love reign over me

better use your head


when i first met your ma

we got the funk

wagon wheel

the story of bo diddley

bonus track

here today

milkcow blues boogie

new partner

a different feeling

triple double featuring theory hazit


the carny

sharp darts

rollin' and tumblin' (part 1)

she cried (he cried)

diamond dogs

the best you can believe in

head bobs

wouldn't it be nice

love city


Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Say a Little Prayer

I took this from Sara's Facebook, it's pretty awesome. Ipods are cool.

1. Put your iTunes on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag friends who might enjoy doing this as well as the person you got the note from.

The Overload

Wicked Gil

Don't you know?
(I like that one...)

Fool's Gold

Antichrist Television Blues

(It isn't my motto, but maybe it should be!)

Do Right Woman - Do Right Man

I Don't Ever Want to Change

WHAT IS 2+2?
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off

The Earth Died Screaming

King Eternal

Wanted Man


Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows

Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Going to Do)

Everything in its Right Place

Huddle Formation

Gospel Song

Ziggy Stardust

Winter Lady

Suddenly Everything Has Changed


No More Mosquitoes


A Spoonful Weighs a Ton

Hand Me Ups

Summer Crane

First Kiss

Country Song

I Say a Little Prayer

Not tagging anyone, but do it if you want! If you don't have a blog, you can put it in my comments!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It is cold!

Very cold. It was apparently minus one last night, and they were expecting snow, but I haven't ventured out to see yet. Although I don't think snow leaves any lasting impression in the street here... It mostly falls and is gone. Bummer.

It was Joe's birthday yesterday, we made a nice dinner and hung out at home. We were thinking of going out to Brick Lane for curry, but it was so much nicer staying in and eating a Ross-style curry. And Rachel bought a cake and everything, we ate like kings!

What else? I really really need a haircut, it's getting a bit ridiculous. My fringe is almost hair length, and I pretty much wear it tied up all the time! I'm toying with the idea of really short hair - I think the shortest I've ever gone was the last haircut I had, and even that was just down to my chin. What do you think? Ross has some clippers with a number 4 setting... Maybe I'll do something about it this weekend.

I might be working on Saturday, it should be good. I worked last Saturday, which was a bit stressful because of the party happening that night.

Oh yeah, I didn't have my blog last week, did I? I had a really bad week at work, I'm not sure if I went into any detail about it yet... Basically I worked six days, three of them 10+ hour shifts, and had a run-in with my boss about a party. They held an A-list party on thursday night, and everyone available was roped in to work. My roster said I'd be doing 7-3 on both thursday and friday. It seemed sensible, that way I'd be relatively fresh and competent on friday, and everyone who worked the party could take it a little bit easy.

However, on thursday, I stayed til about half past four helping to get the place organised. I had already had a crappy, busy, short staffed day, and was pretty much keeping myself together until I got a chance to leave. Everyone was all panicky and running around trying to get stuff done, so I figured I'd help out for a while. Then my bosses Adam and Vee came up with worksheets for all the staff working that night:
Vee: Oops, I think I put the wrong name on your worksheet, Olga.
Me: That's okay, I'm not actually working tonight, I was supposed to finish at 3 today. I'm going home soonish...
Vee: No you're not. You're working tonight.
Me: (Gaping and confused) Um. What? I could have sworn my roster said 7-3...
Adam: (Noticing my utter disbelief) Come out here for a second.

Whereby we walk into the hallway for privacy (although there's still millions of people walking around) and he claps me on the shoulder and says "Sorry, I should have communicated with you better on this: we need you to work tonight" (<---- better? Try 'at all'! He didn't mention it to me, ever. No email, no phone call, no hasty conversation, nothing!)
Me: But... (speechless pause) I'm working tomorrow morning.
Adam: So is everyone. (except everyone else wasn't starting at 7, they were starting at 10) Is there any reason you can't do it?
Me: Um. I guess I don't have anything planned... (Stupid answer! Yes, I have some ground-breaking cancer research to attend to! I have to save the world from killer prawns!)
Adam: So...
Me: (realising there's a very real chance I'll have to stay here at least another ten hours - bursts into tears)

It was really a stupid situation. I mean, I'd been there all day without a break, I was feeling really scummy and gross and had been struggling not to cry earlier that day anyway! So I asked to at least take a break and think about it, but ended up crying for half an hour then telling him I couldn't work. When I told him, he was quite short with me, like, 'Fine, it's no big deal, just go home'. It was almost like he was doing me this big favour by not making me work continuously until the following night.

He ended up giving me a half-hearted passive-agressive apology the next day - not 'I'm really sorry I treated you like crap' but 'I'm sorry you got so upset, it's just my way, hey, we all have issues'. Ah yes, and the funniest part is that Vee, the other boss lady, didn't talk to me all the next day. I believe it was my 'punishment' for letting the team down. What is she, five? Luckily, I don't care at all!
The apology sort of took the wind out of my sails for quitting though, so I'll stick it out til Christmas.

But yes, I believe my original point (about 5 paragraphs ago) was that Saturdays are usually pretty easy shifts, so working this weekend might be awesome. Last Saturday was less good because I worked the dayshift, and everyone was getting organised for another party, and I got kind of anxious that we'd have the same situation again... Awkward. Plus we played a show on Friday night, and I was pretty worn out by the end of the shift.

That's all I've got for now. I don't think this post needs to be any longer, anyway!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I thought I had so much to say...

But now I can't really remember any of it. You know how you tell someone about your day and there's a million little things that are somewhat interesting, but three days later, you can't remember anything about it?

Anyway, I'm currently in the cafe below our house which has wireless internet! It's only for customers, so I bought a pineapple and coconut smoothie, it is pretty good...

Anja has been staying with us for a few days, she's over from Berlin and it's great to see her again! She's one of those friends where even if I don't see her for a couple of years, we still just seem to click right back into friendship again when we meet up. The year after I came back from Iceland, Ross, Joe, Anja and I were pretty much inseparable and had lots of great times together. So it's been awesome hanging out again.

We went to the markets in Brick Lane yesterday, didn't really buy anything but saw lots of amazing things for sale. Today we're supposedly going for breakfast at a restaurant/pub across the road from our house... It has a big sign in the window saying "jellied eels", but I don't think they'll be involved in my breakfast.

What else? We played a show on friday night, it went really well. We played with a Canadian band who heard us on Myspace and loved us, and invited us to support them. We totally upstaged them, if I do say so myself. They're on the fatcat label over here, and I think there were some people from the label who seemed a bit interested in us... But we'll see what happens.

I worked lots and lots last week, that's why I've been completely unreachable on the internerd... Usually I would go to the library before or after work, but my shifts have been completely stupid - encompassing all the opening hours of the library and leaving me drained and cranky. It's probably for the best - at most, you guys missed out on a few posts of me whining about my job...

Ooh, my housemate Rachel has started packing up her things for when she leaves in January. She had a whole bag of clothes that she was going to throw away - I took about half of them! It was great, there were some really cool tops and dresses, and even a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly! I hate buying jeans, I find it so difficult to get them to fit and look good and be the right colour. And you have to pay so much for them, so I don't want to just settle for jeans that aren't just right.

Okay, that's all I can think of for now, and I've finished my smoothie, so I should probably go... Hopefully I'll be more in touch this week!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Boo! No internet!

Hey, so we just changed over the phone and stuff at our house, and apparently that means no phone or internet for a little while. I'm writing this on the slightly sticky keyboard at Waltham Forest Library (I think the forest is metaphorical, there is certainly not much green around... Books have leaves, right?)

Anyway, so I will probably not be writing too much. You guys will have to imagine all the wacky things I'm doing, and I'll let you know whether your guesses are right later.

I worked all week this week, it'll be good for the paycheck but I'm feeling a bit wrecked at the moment. Joe, Ross, Rachel and I went out last night and met some nice theatre folk. It was a pretty good evening, but I think today I really want to stay at home in bed and watch movies. I looked through the videos that Donna left behind - there's some totally amazing stuff there!

There's some movies that I love and would be happy to watch again - Trainspotting, Alice in Wonderland, Empire Records and the like. Plus some Twin Peaks, which is always entertaining...
Some movies I have always meant to watch - Breakfast at Tiffany's, Thelma and Louise, Ed Wood, The Lost Boys.
And the golden three: Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and the Breakfast Club!

I'm very excited about the weekend. Going to take it easy and maybe make some things - I should get a lot done with no internet to distract me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What? And what else?

Hey, so apparently Brad Pitt was at my work yesterday having his photos taken for Rolling Stone. It was a completely closed set though, so I didn't get to see him. Once I thought about it, I realised that seeing him would not really affect my life in any way, so I guess I don't mind. Still, it's kinda neat.

What else? Ross and I have moved into Donna's old room, she and Kelli left on monday night. They must be in Oz by now, I hope they're enjoying the sun in sunny Melbourne! I guess it's more likely that they're zombie-fied with jetlag, but that'll pass eventually. I'm really glad to have gotten to know those girls a bit before they went, they are both lovely and made our transition to London so much easier!

Anyway, our new room is a big improvement on the old one - I'd say it's at least twice the size, with two wardrobes, a chest of drawers and a TV with a built in VCR - not to mention all the books and videos that Donna left behind. I don't think that'll do wonders for my social life, but never mind. And now we can start getting homey things - lamps and bedside tables and the like. I'm excited.

Aw, some bad news is that Ross had his last day at the recycling place today. Actually it's kind of good news, because hopefully his temp agency can get him something new and awesome pretty soon. I think the garbo folks were kind of jerks about it, though, Ross seemed a little bit down about it. They only told him this afternoon that he wasn't needed, so he didn't really see it coming. Plus being told that you're done at a temping place must feel a little bit like getting fired. Poor love. I'm glad he has to have tomorrow off, though, I think he could probably use the rest.

I think I'd really like a bean bag, or a big cushiony chair to put in our room. Ross is already asleep, so I'm on the floor on a pillow - it's less than ideal. Maybe that'll be my first sewing project - seems easy enough!

Also, I've been having this weird idea that everything smells kind of funny. You know when something just seems wrong, but you can't figure out what it could be? I'm not even sure if there is a smell, maybe it's just a figment of my crazy nose.
Who knows?

I won't write anything that terrible again. Promise.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Went out for drinks last night with the housemates who are leaving the country! (This photo is Cameron, who is not leaving the country yet. He's pretty funny, he seems like a combination of my old housemate Chris and my old bandmate Alwyn.)
There's not long to go for the girls, they're leaving Monday night! I think everyone has mixed feelings about it - they're sad to be leaving London, but excited to be going to Australia. We're a bit sad about losing half of our London friends in one go, but excited to have a real bedroom again! And Joe's excited to have a bedroom, full stop.

Other housemate Rachael is going to teach me to sew properly before she leaves in January, so that I can inherit her sewing machine. She has some sort of Arts/Fashion degree which included some dressmaking, so she's really quick at making amazing things! Maybe I can learn enough to sew my own wedding dress!

Ah yes, and I was wandering around Kentish Town after work the other day, and I saw these in a store window... Maja, as soon as you start having babies, I'm going to start buying them drumkits!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Now that I'm regularly checking flickr, I realise that every man and his dog takes beautiful shots of autumn colours. But heck, it's still a novelty for me...

And some pigeons...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just a short one...

Because my whinginess knows no boundaries, so I'll have to impose some.

Anyway, today I was supposed to go to a work meeting at 3pm. It was my day off, so I was a little bit irritated to have to go all the way in there, but it was compulsory, so whatever. When I got there, it turned out that the meeting had been cancelled, but no one bothered to call and let me know! So rude... The bar guy said that since I was the newest employee, they may not have had my number, but they definitely managed to call me to get me to come in early last week!
I'm kind of appalled at their lack of basic respect. It takes me about 45 minutes and 5 pounds to get there, it was my day off, I deserve better than that! I really hope I get the other job, I find it really difficult to work for people who don't bother looking after their store or employees. I guess I could learn to not care about working properly and become a slacker, but I really don't want to stoop to their level...

Grr. So much anger.


These are the photos that I was supposed to put up last night, but I didn't want to wake Ross. He had a pretty big night out on Sunday night, then worked Monday, then went out for curry, then came home and crashed! He had quite a nasty cough through the night, too, so I think he needs to take it easy...

Anyway! Photos!

This one is at the curry place, after the curry but before the birthday cake.

One of the many broken umbrellas - I really need to figure out how to use my camera to its fullest potential. So much unnecessary graininess...

Hey, I meant to mention this last night. Our street has some Christmas decorations up, but being Walthamstow, they're not as good quality as you'd hope. I think you can see the Christmas tree made of fairy lights over the street? There are supposed to be two of them, the other one has already gone out.

And that's all the good ones. I have to go to a work meeting at three, I might leave extra early and take the overground trains - I'll save some money and get to read more of my book!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good night!

We just had a really fun night out!

It was housemate Rachael's birthday, so we went to Brick Lane for curry. Wow, I thought I had more to say about it than that, but I guess the simple things in life can be pretty sweet.
Why was it so good?
Hmm, I went straight from work to dinner, so the food was extra amazing because I was so hungry!
Rachael's friend Stacey was really good at haggling. On Brick Lane, there are guys out the front of every door telling you how awesome their restaurant is. Stacey asked every one of them why we should go there - how many free bottles of wine? Would we get free dips and poppadums*? How much discount off food? She was great, we ended up with six free bottles of wine and 30% off dinner! And it was Rachael's favourite curry place, so all the food was really good!
It was nice to hang out with (nearly) all our housemates. They're all pretty awesome human beings, it's a bummer that Kelli and Donna are leaving next week. Luckily, they're having a going away party or two next weekend, possibly involving roast and karaoke. We really lucked out with these people...

There was rain today. Lots of it. I saw FIVE discarded umbrellas in various gutters around town. I really like that London will hit you with crappy weather, then destroy your means of coping with that weather. Plus broken umbrellas are pretty nice to look at...

What else? I really can't think of much. Work was okay, getting better, but still a bit of a demented place to be. Today I learnt that our boss Adam, who is in charge of the restaurant, is actually head lighting guy for the studio, and knows next to nothing about running a restaurant. It explains a lot.

Also, I finished my legwarmers! They are rather strange looking, but so warm and fluffy and sparkly. Hopefully I'll get the guts to wear them in public! If not, they'll become part of my happy-at-home comfort outfit - you know, when you wear all your favourite things at the same time. Unless maybe you never do that. You should though, it's pretty fun.

I'm thinking of buying some really thick knitting needles to make a scarf. The wool that I bought is quite nice and there's lots left - it's possible that you'll all get sparkly knitwear for Christmas. And you'll love it, I swear!

That's about all. Ross is sleeping at the moment, I'm not sure if I can put photos on here just yet... I'll edit and add them tomorrow!

*Golly gee whiz, how do you spell that word? Puppadums? Poppadoms? There's no justification for any one of those spellings over the others... Ha, the dictionary doesn't know either!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Okay kids, lock it in.

Wedding date = the weekend of 26th to the 28th of June!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sparkle sparkle!

Some real good things happened today!

First of all, sorry I didn't post back the other day, just in case you were checking up on me and my creative skills!
Instead of procrastinating all day, I went out and bought some sparkly wool, and some knitting needles.

Hmm, the sparkles aren't as visible as I'd hoped...

Anyway, I knitted this much leg warmer! Now it's just a matter of finishing it, then knitting another one - I'm pretty excited about the idea of me in sparkly legwarmers, so hopefully I'll stick at it!

And that was my day off! Woke up yesterday to the news that Obama won! So very awesome! And there's a real buzz in the air - I was walking to work and a complete stranger said "Think positively! Obama! Yeah!" It was nice. I love that everyone is so excited, and so ready to be vocal about it!

I worked yesterday and today, and I'll admit that each day is easier than the one before it. I still don't think those guys have a sound business ideology though.
Example: Last night (Wednesday night) was my first real shift. I did one trial shift prior to that. So, Nathaniel (my favourite trainer) decided he needed to go home for some "emergency bill paying" and left me to close up. How does that make sense? I understand, sometimes emergencies happen, but it didn't seem like he was stressed or anything, he just casually told me he was leaving! It all turned out okay in the end, but it's not great, is it?

Anyway, I closed last night, opened this morning, and was quite tired by the end of the day. My new shoes are a bit rough on my feet and I was really relieved to get home. Then I got a phone call from the coffee place in Brick Lane where my friend Dan used to work when he lived here! I applied there weeks ago, but they're looking for people to work over Christmas, and I mentioned in my application that I'd be going to Iceland for the holidays.

Lucky for me, they mustn't have found anyone - I have an interview there tomorrow! I think I may have sounded a bit weird on the phone, the guy asked me if I had a job, and I said "Yeeees, but it's not really working out for me". Probably not the best first impression to make, but I was pretty excited by the prospect of maybe working there. Hopefully that'll work in my favour.

After that I checked my emails, and Kristinn should be able to wiggle his flights around so he can come to our wedding! Yay!

On an unrelated note, this is the teapot Anna mentioned in my comments. Such a pretty thing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is a tiny rocking horse that Jade sent me. I like it.

I have been having a pretty uneventful time, so I haven't really had anything to write. Because the roster for this week was already written when I started, I'm not working again until tomorrow, so I've had several days off to get things done. But there isn't really anything urgent that needs doing - we've sorted the lease, I have a job, I got my national insurance number, and I did washing yesterday - so I'm just hanging out! It's a tough life :)

Anyway, I'd like to make something. But what? There are so many options! My housemate Rachel has a sewing machine, and I think she said she also has a bunch of fabric that I can use, so I might try to make some clothes. I'd like some legwarmers and other warm things, maybe I should figure out how to knit while I'm at it.
Ross' computer has garage bands, which is a program for making music, so I could write an awesome song... Actually my ability to write an awesome song is unproven at this point, but there's no time like the present!
I could go out and take some photos with my nice camera, and that would have the added bonus of giving me something interesting to post here later!
I could start writing my novel, although I don't have anything that resembles a starting point. I could go out and find a starting point instead.

Yes, today should be a day for doing things! In that case, I guess I'll stop writing and start doing! Check back later to see what I accomplished!

Friday, October 31, 2008

I forgot about the part where hard work is hard...

Hey, so I had my trial today at Spring Studios, the photography studio/restaurant in Kentish Town. It went pretty well, but gosh darnit, I feel really unfit. I mean, I used to stand for ages at a time while working at Dome, but after today I am knackered! It's a good kind of knackered, though... Especially now that I'm sitting down.

It seems like a pretty interesting place to work. The morning was spent getting breakfast for the fancy people in the studios - models, photographers, crew. It was pretty neat. Then came the lunch rush, which was apparently really quiet, but still kind of stressful. I guess it always is until you learn what you're doing. Plus I'm not convinced that the guy who was trained me is any good at training people. There were a few vague unhelpful directions, and a couple of conflicting ones, too. And on top of that, he sat down and had breakfast at 11ish, but neglected to let me do the same. Bummer.

But yeah, overall it was alright. I've got some shifts next week, it'll be so good to start earning the pounds!

Ack, I'm feeling really sentimental and a little bit homesick tonight. Everyone else is going out to Halloween parties, but I think it'll be nice to have a bit of time on my own. Maybe I'll have a bath! For anyone who's unaware, I think baths are the ultimate in luxury. To justify that amount of water, you have to spend at least an hour or two in there, which is an hour or two that you set aside for just sitting and thinking and being warm. Sounds good.

Okay, I'm going to finish up and write more later. Maybe I'll take some photos for it...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My really good day yesterday got even better. It started snowing!

Housemates frolicking!

Our lovely housemates are moving back to Australia in November, so they didn't think they'd get to see any more snow! It was nice snowfall, too - big, fluffy, drifty flakes. Alas, it was too warm for anything to build up, so we'll just have to wait til Christmas to see some real snow!

Me and Joe - so much excitement!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today was a good day!

Wow, it just got cold all of a sudden! The weather today looked really sunny and beautiful, but luckily I checked the forecast before I left the house - maximum temperature was 10 degrees. Also, apparently there's snow in Scotland! Can't wait til the London streets are filled with pure white fluffiness, which quickly becomes dirty brown sludginess.

In other news, Ross is working! He got hired by a temping agency, they seem to cover a whole range of jobs. Last Friday he worked in the mail room of Warner Brothers, this week he's a recycling bin man. It's only 8:30pm, but recycling bin man is asleep already as he started work just before seven this morning.
And also, I almost have a job! I had an interview today at a restaurant attached to a photography studio - it'll just be waitressing and making coffees, but at least it's an interesting environment. It isn't confirmed yet, but as long as I don't burn the place down on my trial shift, I should be okay.

My trip to the interview was kind of funny. I decided to leave the house two whole hours before I had to be there, just to be on the safe side, but I figured I'd just get to the area really early and hang out. Instead, I spent an hour and three quarters waiting for trains, then getting on the wrong ones... Got there just in the nick of time, and I had no extra time to fret and worry about the interview! It all worked out for the best, I guess.

Then my day continued to get better - I went to an Oxfam and bought two books for 60p each: Diary by Chuck Palahniuk (I think it's my favourite of his books, although I can't actually remember what happens), and an old penguin one about some guy whose face is disfigured. It just looked kind of random and cool, and gave me something to read on the Tube.
On my way home I went through the shopping centre and bought a pair of shoes for eight pounds! Yay! They're just plain flat black shoes, but comfortable and will go with everything. Black shoes are right up there on the list of 'Things I didn't pack that I wish I did'. Hmm, maybe if you guys want to get me a Christmas present, you can just send me things I already own!

It's Guy Fawkes day soon (on the 4th or 5th? My Aussie housemates don't know, either), so you can buy fireworks from the shop down the road! I can hear some going off now - I guess if you had a bag of fireworks looking at you, it'd be hard to restrain yourself. I don't think I'll buy any, I'll save my sprengigleði* for Icelandic New Year.
It's also Halloween on Friday. I'm not sure whether people celebrate it in a big way over here. There's quite a lot of pumpkins at the supermarket. I think food sculpture is underrated. There should be food sculptures for every holiday! Anyway, re: Halloween, I don't know if I should buy lollies or not. I don't want to make the chillens all sad, and I definitely don't want them throwing things at my house. Then again, our house is in a shopping mall, so I doubt people would come knocking here anyway. Maybe I'll buy some lollies for me instead!

Another reason why today was good - I bought the tastiest pomegranate ever! It was just the right amount of sweet and sour. I'm so easily pleased. Good times.

*Sprengigleði is an awesome Icelandic word that I only learnt recently - it translates as 'the joy of blowing things up'. So good.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Awesome, this is a first for my blog! Internet tag! Maja got me.

5 things I was doing ten years ago

Living with my parents
Really getting into local music for the first time - The Tigers, Eskimo Joe, Red Jezebel, Cinema Prague, Fourth Floor Collapse! I need to be stopped.
Going to high school - I think year nine was actually my favourite year
Tagging along with my older brother and his friends
Dreaming about being in a band...

5 things on my list of things to do today

Get out of bed!
Wash my hair
Call our landlord with my bank account details
Do some grocery shopping
Find some cheap, comfortable and awesome black shoes

5 snacks I love

Cheese and crackers
Those little bars of Kinder chocolate

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire

Stop job hunting
Buy a house
Buy some new musical instruments
Travel all the way around the world - visit Perth!
Give some to my family

5 places I've lived

Manjimup (I don't know the street name... Mum? Can you help me out?)
Banach Street, Maddington
Hall Road, Roleystone
Aðalgötu 17, Sauðárkrókur, Iceland
High St, Walthamstow

5 jobs I've had

Delivering lambs at Andrés' farm (unpaid, but it was work!)
Kitchenhand at Fosshotel in Sauðárkrókur
Scraping fat from lamb carcasses, Slaughterhouse in Sauðárkrókur
Duty Manager, Retro Betty's Leederville
Barista, Dome Subiaco

5 people I punch (in the most loving way, of course)

I don't know five people with blogs... If anyone wants to fill out some answers and send it to me, that'd be okay.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prom, Ross and Job-hunting.

Oooh, I got Firefox and now the pictures work again...

But before I talk about my life here, take a look at how my life back home was this past weekend... Boysboysboys prom photos!
Those guys look amazing, and who could have been a better prom band? I miss them lots! And I miss getting all pretty and hanging out with lovely ladies (and gents)! I guess I could still dress up here, but really, when was the last time I did that of my own accord? No, I need the peer pressure.

I'm glad B decided to wear the Alpha Female dress, she got it in an opshop and it looks amazing!

Cool. So back to London, where it's starting to get a little bit cold and I was going to say grey, but Ross corrected me. It's still pretty sunny, but jackets are definitely required. Two of my housemates, Donna and Kelli are moving back to Australia in mid-November, and I believe they're leaving most of their winter coats behind! That's really good because I've been looking for the perfect coat to buy, but I just haven't found it yet. Now there's no rush, I'll have plenty of warm things to wear while I'm looking.

Okay. Guest Post - you've been waiting for it - Here's Ross!

i don't really know what olga has told you but here i go

We are not doing much because we don't have much money and our Australian moneys aren't really worth anything over here. So day to day activities involve looking for jobs. I am trying to get similar work to what i did back in Perth (Forklift stuff) but have not received the certificate that proves i can drive one, so that is sort of becoming a problem. I have an interview today, So I hope it goes well.

Olga and I both got bank accounts the other day and have an appointment for a National Insurance Number tomorrow, these things help in getting jobs so i guess we are half way there.

I am enjoying London, So many things always happening even if you don't have money you can amuse your self with the ranting and raving of our neighbours. We line in Walthamstow which it seems is a little bit in the ghetto, this makes for cheap rent.
Out the back of our house across the alley way is a block of flats that are inhabited by polish squatters who are quite vocal, not that i understand anything they say. they might not even be polish? but they like to throw all their trash out the window into the alley way. To the right are a black couple who seem to always arguing and calling the cops on each other, sounds like they have a solid relationship. Also everytime you hear a siren you can't help but get the theme song for the bill stuck in your head.
We also have a squirrel in the tree outside.

Olga has probably told you about our room or shoebox, Our mattress has dodgy springs which poke into my ribs which cause me to have dreams about being stabbed. Pretty awesome. We have a T.V where the picture is blue, it's very soothing. calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean. One corner of the room is dedicated to a tetris styled heap of musical equipment. I love Tetris I hold a high score against my brother Jesse and 'someone' still owes me money for that. They know who they are.

I don't know what else I can tell you. Please feel free to comment on this blog and ask questions and Olga and i will do our best to answer them.

Oh yeah I know it sounded like i was complaining about my room size, but at least i don't live under the stairs like Joe (ahahahahaha)

And on that note, Ross has gone to take a photo of Joe's nook under the stairs. See, Joe will eventually live in this house when our housemates' lease is up, but in the meantime he's been staying here because his grandma's house in Slough is too far away... He was sleeping on Kelli's floor, but I think she wanted her room back.

So, what else? I ended up getting the bank account under my Australian name, I hope that doesn't cause problems in the long run. The bank lady said she could change the name if it becomes an issue, but she sort of talked at me like I was an idiot for even worrying about it. Grr. And she's the one who said I shouldn't even bother trying to get an account as an Icelander. She is not my favourite.
On the plus side, the Fastrack stuff we did really did make it easier to get an account. It was like paying money somehow erased the need for all the proof of ID and work and address that you normally have to wade through.

Okay, I'm going to go do some job hunting again today. I know, I'll go out and find some amazing Icelandic bookstore with a cool music section, and another section entirely devoted to kittens. That sounds like a neat job!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hmm, good things and bad things.

Oops, I just published a title. Oh well, it can be edited, and it shall be!

What's been happening? Well, we tried to apply for visas to the US because we were supposed to play a festival in New York next week. The tour has kind of been plagued with issues from the beginning; our friends from Perth The Silents were supposed to play but couldn't get there, then one of our shows got cancelled, so we couldn't afford to bring our manager Heath with us.

Anyway, as you would imagine, the bureaucracy that you have to deal with is pretty intense, so there's this company that helps out, in an effort to encourage foreign bands to tour there. They were really helpful, gave us step by step guides to all the forms and regulations, and told us that this kind of performing visa is usually rushed through.
Unfortunately, the US government doesn't fast track Indonesian Muslims that have visited Mecca a few years ago - who would have thought? I guess it was always a possibility, but somehow I forgot to worry about it, I was too busy worrying about my own paperwork. So, we're not going to New York, there's no way they'll get Andy's visa through in time. But never mind, we'll get the visa eventually and play some other shows there instead!

It's probably for the best, it allows us to concentrate on getting jobs and bank accounts, and generally settling in here a bit more... Ross and I paid for this company that helps you get all that stuff organised, and they've booked us appointments for national insurance numbers and bank accounts. However, I'm here on my Icelandic passport and will be working under that name. So, you'd think I should get the account under that name, right?
Um, apparently, wrong. Because of the shenanigans between the UK and Iceland, Fastrack recommends that I get an account in my Australian name. Because, being Icelandic, I must have been pretty heavily involved in the running of the country and it's financial policy, and therefore all the trouble that was caused. Sorry. Promise I won't do it again. Can I please have an account now?

It's crazy, it's exactly like Maja's post where ordinary people are blamed for their whole country's mistakes. And in the case of Iceland, I'm beginning to be convinced that it's not even entirely their fault, let alone mine.

Hmm, I just realised my two stories are kind of similar. Interesting. Anyway, although neither of them are heartwarming, life is not bad. The sun is shining, there's a colourful street market outside of my window, and Ross just drew me a picture of a frog prince. I called my Mum and Dad today, they sound pretty happy and relaxed, and are cooking a barbecue tonight. Starting to miss Australia, but not in a painful way, just a nice nostalgic way.

And Kristinn sent me this photo. If anyone's ever feeling down...


Monday, October 13, 2008

What's going on? Not much...

My last few days have been pretty samey; I've been dividing my time between looking for work and doing everything in my power to avoid looking for work. I'm a procrastinator at heart.
So here's some random photos and words...

Ah, Mr Krona. Not doing so well, are you? I'd like to learn more about how economics works. It's such a weird idea, that money can be worth more or less depending on how many people have it... Come to think of it, it's weird that money is worth anything at all!
Also strange is that this is a one krona coin that was loose in my bag, which got stuck to the magnet on my camera case. I thought money wasn't made of metal that sticks to magnets - none of the other coins I've tried were, anyway.

This is the backstage room at the Louisiana in Bristol. I liked it. Ross said that he had been thinking about taking the exact same photo, but didn't. Who's laughing now?
Probably no one.

Anyway, we've gotten the wireless internet working in our house. It was very high tech, Ross copied the password off the modem and then typed it in. He's quite the IT guy.
Ooh, speaking of which, we saw Richard Ayoade from The IT Crowd and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. He was at our show in London, but I'm not sure if he saw us play or not.

I don't think anything needs to be said.

I got a letter from Bridget and one from Jade, too! If you think this post is disjointed and weird, you should see the letter I tried to write back to Jade - there's no editing and rewriting in letters, so it's a rambly confusing mess. I hope she likes it.

This next picture is for Bridget, it reminds me of a Redfern party where she made everyone choose which they liked better, prawns or cheese. I was on the side of cheese, as was Bridget (from memory), but Karen chose prawns. Now there can finally be an end to the fighting - together at last, in a tube.

And then after I took this photo, I realised you can buy rækjuostur in the Icelandic bakery. There's probably a long history of prawns and cheese together, that I hadn't even been aware of until now. I'm glad the veil has been lifted.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Touring and awesome-ness!

We played some shows. They were really good. Here's some photos. They're not as good, but they'll do.

First show with Pivot was in Leeds on Sunday, which I already talked about... The room was a weird shape, so the sound kind of bounced off the walls in a funny way. Maybe I should learn something about acoustics terminology...

Ross and Andy settling their differences the old fashioned way - drum contest.

This is backstage at the 100 club in Soho, where we played on Tuesday. It's quite a historical club - used to be a jazz club, and then it became a punk club, and now it does both. Everyone who's anyone has played there, and there's tonnes of old photos on the walls. Except in the backstage area, where there's just graffiti.

We got some great weather the last couple of days, especially once we got out of the greyness of London. This is out the window on the way to Bristol - after I took my turn sitting in the back with no windows, I was greeted with beautiful English countryside. Aw.
This is one of the bonuses of touring - when else would I have gone to Bristol?

I tried to find some good photos of Pivot playing, but I still haven't figured out how to take good band shots, so I don't have any... I'll add that to the list of things I need to learn how to do - up there with sewing and being a librarian.

And finally, THIS!

I bought it from H+M. Possibly the best thing I've ever paid money for...